Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Yard Sale!

I don't know who this guy in that picture is, I just liked the photo and swiped it for this post. Hope he did well selling all that stuff though. It looks like prime college-guy furnishings there...

Well, we have a bunch of money to raise! Nothing new there! Maybe you've noticed that the thermometer on the home page has marked more funds received (praise!!) but also more funds required! ( Eeek! ) How did that happen? I guess that is the nature of international adoption. Aaargh! (Aaargh. Is that a word handed down to us from the pirates or did the modern pirate legends steal it from the Charlie Brown Peanuts comic strips? Such an appropriate way to express in a few letters both frustration and something else...not quite sure what...) Anyway, with the extra days there in Ukraine for the passport thing comes extra expense. We are looking at the possibility of making two trips or perhaps one of us staying and one coming home for a bit. That would be nice in a way. We'll wait and see what works for others, though.

At any rate, no matter how this cashes (what an appropriate word) out, we need more dough! Lots of it! So we are planning a yard sale for August 18th. If you live in the area and have anything to donate, please let us know! Also, put a word in for us in your prayertime for the weather that weekend, if you don't mind! ;-)

No new news on the dossier; I guess it didn't make it in this week. Not that we were expecting it to. We always hope, though.



Archive Comments said...

Praying for good weather and a great turn-out at your yard sale!
2007-08-17 21:54:59 GMT

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