Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Value: $0

I suppose if we had written, "priceless", it would have gotten held up in customs...

Hannah, our seven-year-old, videotaped for us

The package is in the mail to Ukraine!
Monday we chased around getting the final certifications from the counties our documents originated in. Then we all headed west to Nashville, our state capital, where the documents would have to be apostilled. We were able to stay with my lovely sister and her handsome husband in their home. On Tuesday, Steve went and got the apostilling done and came back to get the girls and me so that we could all go together to FedEx to mail the package. Steve filled out five forms before he got one perfect and handed it over to the man behind the counter. Hannah videotaped the whole thing for us.

Phew! All that work and now we hand it over to somebody behind a counter to be tossed together with a bunch of other envelopes probably very few if any of which hold the future of little orphaned children inside of them. It seems like our package should have been the biggest box, tied with a huge red bow and followed by a marching band instead of tossed in a pile and marked with a "$0" under 'value'.

Now our role changes from gathering documents to being patient. Waiting. We do have $10,000+ to raise so we won't be sitting idle while we wait! Every day brings us closer to the day that our children will be with us. I wish we knew when that would be!

We'll keep you updated. Thank you to all of you who have donated to us through the card sales or just with monetary donations. We hope to put a counter of some kind on the front page to keep you all more informed about where we stand in our fundraising.

Thanks for your prayers! Don't stop now!

Melissa and Steve

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Anonymous said...

I have been blessed by your story. We feel called to adopt an orphan, also. We will be praying for your family, here and abroad, and that the Lord will bring you through this process and bless you more than you could ever imagine.

--Leigh Ann Taylor