Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Quick Thoughts

Quick thoughts

We have tickets with United Airlines leaving Knoxville on December 7th and arriving at Kyiv Ukraine on December 8th.

We are under $10,000 needed to complete the adoption and seeing God work on a daily basis.

I have added a page answering about why we need a dentist referred here.

We have been purchasing stuff for the trip and I went ahead and purchased an American football and a rest of the world football (aka soccar ball) to take with us to the orphanage.

Tourist stops I would like to make include Chernobyl (not up close), Crimea, and Odessa. Not sure I will make any but who knows!

I am still planning on taking a swim in the Black sea even though it will be December. I may never make it back!

We will probably be switching the website to a blogger hosted account soon because it makes it easier to post pictures, video, and allows easier comments. I hope to start answering some of the many questions asked soon.

Very busy here.


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Archive Comments said...

Make sure you check with the airlines about what it takes to change your return date. Make sure the tickets are not to restrictive. We ended up just using 1 way on it as the restrictions to change the return were to constraining :( It is amazing how little time we have actually had here to "relax" I hope for you guys that you have more opportunity.

May God walk with you...holding your hand and leading you through the road ahead.
--The O'Haras
2007-10-22 07:21:23 GMT