Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Yard Sale Complete!

Baked goods at the yard sale. My mom also put out coolers of sweet tea and water just for free drinks because it was so hot. I had made cupcakes and brownies and sold all but one brownie and 3 cupcakes...well four, I guess, I forgot about the one Ivy swiped. It is hard to resist sprinkles and icing when you're two years old!

Yard Sale

I am sooooooo glad to be done! I am beat and a bit sunburnt, but our yard sale raised 250+ dollars and Hannah raised over $20 of it herself with her little entreprenurial streak that I am sure she has inherited from her dad! I guarantee she didn't get it from me!

Hannah had the idea to do a magic show but since she only has one trick that she can do really well, ( disappearing coin) so she did that one over and over free of charge for each and every customer all day long. She even made herself a jar marked "donations" or as Annette said, "Dalmations". She loved the opportunity to help us get her brothers and/or sisters and I loved seeing her do her little performances!

Thank you to the several of you who donated items for sale! I feel so good to have my garage back!!! Yahooo! So glad to be done. (or did I mention that?) Yard Sales surely are a whole lot of work!

By the way, this week also brought another generous gift! This time from one of Steve's customers! You know who you are....Thank you sooo much!

I am not kidding but Steve woke up that day feeling so down about this money thing. We had just heard from another adoptive family their report of expenditures--it was a lot. Somewhat more than we had expected. I think they spent a bit more freely that we will but still.....Anyway, that day--that day---Steve's dad called to say that this donation had been made. Let me tell you: it was the same way last time we were feeling discouraged. God keeps looking after us. What blessings he gives!


Anonymous said...

Oooh! Those cupcakes look yummy! Glad the yard sale went well. :o)
2007-08-21 13:35:51 GMT

Anonymous said...

Good job, Melissa! It's not easy to have a garage sale! I'm really impressed with Hannah's entrepreneurial skills - what a helper!

Anonymous said...

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