Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Phew!

Sorry not to have posted sooner. I was having Blog issues. Here is the latest news and it turns out to be better than we had hoped for!

Throughout the course of the day on Tuesday it was hard to sort out rumor from fact and now that the dust has settled, so to speak, we have found out that in fact, the quotas, which caused so much concern will likely not affect Americans. I don't know what happens with the Canadians and the Germans but this quota system is being challenged in Ukraine because it is actually illegal by Ukrainian law!

The even better news requires a bit of explanation. This is confusing and hard to explain clearly but here goes:

Up until now one of our biggest challenges with the paper work is that while every piece of paperwork expires (most at the one year mark), Ukraine refused any dossier (all the paperwork) that had ANYthing expiring within six months. So it would seem that as long as all the forms were assembled within six months we would have plenty of time, right? Wrong. Not only did each form need the 6-month buffer but so did the license of every Doctor, Social worker, Notary and Apostille. Even the Adoption agency's license must not be due to expire within 6 months! I cannot tell you how difficult this is to accomplish and these licenses could not be renewed early (we checked!). In waiting for one, another would time out and on and on.

Someone petitioned the US Embassy in Ukraine and they are now waiving this rule for Americans! Apparently, the problem comes because of the system by which we do our license renewals. It just was not "translating" into being do-able. Now, the rule is just that the licenses must be current at the time the paperwork was assembled. This is a huge relief!

With all this, we are still likely staying with Ukraine. We will decide for sure this week. The reason we still have hesitation is that we worry about the stability there.

We continue to ask for your prayers. I find myself thinking of the children often and am so looking forward to just getting them here.



Archive Comments said...

I had no idea Steve had gone to Moldova. That is so neat! As I was reading, I read that one of his van drvers was Sergio - funny - my van driver was Sergio too. When he takes teams to different places in Moldova, he tunes the nearby churches' pianos. I was wondering if this is the same guy.
I am not sure which church you worked with or where you stayed, but there is a brother and sister (Anatol and Veronica) in Chisinau that opened their home for missionaries and teams. I am not sure if they still have this house. When I left in July, I was sure they said that they were going to sell the house to another missionary couple. I am glad that Steve enjoyed his time there. I am hoping to go back in 2008 to visit my new friends and old friends in Chisinau, Cahul, and Rezina.

Anonymous said...

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