Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Making Headlines...kinda

Steve and I started out our married life in Jamestown NY. The newspaper there, The Post Journal, printed the jist of an article that Steve sent to them. The reporter added some information from our website, too. If you would like to see this article then here is the address:

After a brief stint in Arizona, We moved back to NY to live in Fredonia where Steve's family lives. The newspaper there printed the article too, this time without much alteration. You can read that article online as well. The address is:

So that makes us kind of famous, I guess! But not so famous that we take it for granted. Just famous enough to still feel the need to brag. LOL!


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Anonymous said...

You're definitely famous! How cool that they would print the article and give your efforts some exposure. I am praying that God will move on the heart of someone reading it and that they will stand in the gap for you. Blessings!
2007-07-06 13:18:31 GMT