Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Bad News, Good News

Well, what looked like a real possibility of submission for us fell through for us this week. Disappointing, to say the least! We had heard that we could expect our dossier to be submitted today but found out that not only would that not be possible, it is unlikely to happen within the next month or two. This is discouraging to us because it means re-doing a bunch of our paperwork. In fact, Steve is leaving Nashville right now where he has just finished getting our updated physicals apostilled and fedExed to Ukraine--AGAIN!

We were encouraged to hear that someone donated $500 toward our adoption expenses this week. What a blessing that God reminds us that he will supply as we need it. It would please me if he would supply it all at once so I wouldn't worry but then, I wouldn't learn how unnecessary my worrying is! I think of the verse in Hebrews that says that we are to "endure hardship as discipline". This is something that is hard to do at times but if God wants me to learn something best learned through trials, then I want to get started right away learning my lesson so I can move on!!

We are so impatient. Impatient to meet our children, impatient to raise the funding, impatient dealing with paperwork, impatient, impatient, impatient! I heard a quote from someone once, though that said, "Never pray that God will teach you patience; He just might do it!" Of course I am joking. I do want to learn patience! But learning can be hard. Right?

As always, Pray for us!

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Steve said...

I'm so sorry about the recent disappointment. Especially when time consuming paperwork is involved. :o( We had, what seemed to be, a blow to our "plans" and we had little hope. But, then, we received a very unexpected miracle (re: our I-171H). So take heart!

Continued prayers for your family and the children God has planned for you!! :o)

In Christ,
2007-07-24 21:27:23 GMT

I'm sorry about the disappointing news. While it's tough to see it from our end, we know that God's timing is perfect. Meanwhile, we'll be praying for you and your 'patience' lesson. :) We know how tough the homework can be.
2007-07-25 01:32:56 GMT