Saturday, October 27, 2007

Many people have asked what is it that you mean by the "refer a dentist?"

We have undertaken this adoption process on faith. When we initially started the first year direct and indirect costs were budgeted at nearly $80,000. This is much more than we make in a year! Through God's provision and careful choices we have been able to trim this direct and indirect costs to about $55,000. Through aggressive saving and generous gifts we are now within $10,000 of what is needed to complete the adoption of these children. We have a limited amount of dental insurance that depending on circumstances involving our children's dental needs could be exhausted very quickly.

Between the adoption expenses, costs associated with adding three children to our family, and the likely loss of two months income this is a major endeavor. Anyways, children who come out of the orphanage system have terrible mouths. Both foul language and foul teeth!

Melissa and I will work on the foul language part. Although I have a drill and wrenches we unfortunately cannot work on the foul teeth part.We often hear of dentists taking mission trips overseas to care for the teeth of disadvantaged children. We are seeking a dentist who wants to take a mission trip for Ukrainian orphans without leaving his office.

If you are a dentist or know a dentist who would want to partner with us to repair these children's teeth if needed. Please call us at 865-986-3482.

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christie said...

You are so smart to do this. All 3 of our girls came to us with 8 cavities EACH and much needed root canals.
A RETIRED dentist helped us with dental costs that totaled nearly 10,000 by the time we were finished.
It can add up VERY fast.