Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Entry for October 15, 2007

Lists of things to be thankful for...

I enjoy lists! Do you? I like the feeling of getting to cross items off and knowing immediately what to do next. But I have never left the country and certainly not for over a month! So making this list is the tricky part for me!

Steve is constantly list-making lately; lists of outdor projects, people to contact, indoor projects and even a wish-we-could-do list!

Less than two months!! I'm so excited. Can you believe it!?

I am not even worrying about the finances. I admit that I was, but every time I started getting discouraged, I felt ashamed of myself when God showed up!

Steve has had quite a few of his customers give him gifts of $50 or $100 because the heart he has for these kids is just contageous! Then we were at Shoney's for breakfast a while back and the couple sitting at the next table over struck up a conversation with us. The girls told them that we were adopting three children and they wanted to hear all about it so we visited awhile and then gave them a prayer card. Out in the parking lot, the man drove up beside us and got out and handed us $100 through the window! And just yesterday, a friend passed along a $100 gift from a mutual friend of ours whom I haven't seen several years. So, I am not worried. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and He will provide! Praise be! and this is just a small sampling. Steve's parent's church members have sent us gifts as well. These are people whom we don't know but who love the Lord and care about the children and just want to help! So instead of being anxious, I want to keep remembering to be extremely grateful--to those who have reached out to us who do not know us or just want to show their love and support, and especially for whom the gift was a sacrifice financially or their time and energy. And I have not forgotten all those of you who express your love through prayer! Because I am most thankful to God who is the Great Orchestrator of this abundance of blessings!

Thank you all so much!

Now off to tackle the lists...


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