Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: 10 more days in the Ukrainian sunshine

Well certain opponents of adoption in Ukraine have struck again!

They have added another 10 day waiting period for passports. This new wait is in addition to another 10 day wait period for the finalization of the court decree. Our stay will now likely be over 40 days. I thought when I re-did our budget yesterday I was set now we need to plan for another $1,000 in cost!

Many anti-adoption rules have been implemented this year without legislation and that clearly violate the civil rights of Ukraine's most vulnerable citizens. These young orphans have a right to be registered for adoption, a right to be offered for adoption, and a RIGHT TO BE ADOPTED. Please pray that the elections of September 30 will be favorable to the Ukrainian orphans and that the wild disregard to their rights will stop.


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