Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Breaking news... Pray.

We just found out that Ukraine has now decided to limit the number of foreign adoptions it allows. The number is based on the average number of yearly adoptions per counry MINUS the number of non-compliant (people who do not continue to send in yearly progress reports as they must agree to do) adopters. This number ends up being only 75 for Germany and 24 for Canada. Both of these countries have already maxed out for the year. The U.S. is alotted 320 but this large number only represents a higher number of adopters in this country and the percentage will likely mean that it is maxedout by late spring. We are waiting now to hear from our consultant as to her reccommendation but we were just about to get our fingerprints done and then send our imigration form to USCIS. Now we have been advised to hold off on doing this as we may have to switch countries.

I am sure I do not need to tell you how discouraging this is since to change will be very costly and would involve finding an agency (we are now independant) not to mention delay the process. Please take a moment and pray for this situation. If we had to be stopped mid-stream, we were days away from it being even more of a burdeon. I am thinking also of families who were further along than us .

This is very punitive on the part of the Ukrainian Government but it is meant to act out against families that did not do what they had promised and it turns out to punish everyone involved EXCEPT them! They already have their children.



Update: Our consultant just told us that she's being told that this is a quarterly quota that should not affect the U.S. I hope that is true! We will keep you posted. She is just finding out the details herself.

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Archive Comments said...

Dear Stephen & Melissa,
I have learned that the bigger your vision of what God wants you to do, the greater the trials in reaching that goal of fulfilling the vision. Therefore I believe that what our Heavenly Father has placed upon your hearts is going to be fulfilled and for His glory. Disappointments just cause us to cry out more to our Heavenly Father. Jesus loves children. He said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me." How can they come to Him now except through Parents like you who love Him and for Him.
"Heavenly Father, You are in absolute control of all things. You have placed a burden upon the hearts of Stephen and Melissa to rescue and adopt children who otherwise may never know You. I pray that You will give them wisdom and guidance in these matters. I pray that You will lead them by Your Holy Spirit through the man made mazes that are set up. Please bring these children into the loving arms of their new dad and mom. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
--Dad Eimers