Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Hello!

Where have we been? I hope y'all are paying enough attention to notice that we have been missing in action for a while! I'll just blame our absence on some faulty internet equipment and that should about cover it. I am sure many of you have had to deal with computer woes and will sympathize with me!

Things are happening, sort of. What do I mean by that? Well, our dossier (paperwork) is in Ukraine and has been for some weeks now. We are still waiting for it to be submitted. This only can happen on Mondays and "Our Monday" has not come yet. The only indication of when that may happen is from our translator, Valentina (who has the dossier and will be the submitter on our behalf). Steve asked her if she thought we should re-do our medical physicals since they will expire in early August or if she expects to be submitted by then. I was encouraged that she told us that she hoped to be submitted by then but since many things do not depend on her, that we should go ahead and get them redone. It encourages me because our time is at least on the horizen!

Should we be submitted by August, the pattern has been that three months from the date of submittal comes the appointment. This could very possibly put us there in November which is Steve's biggest month of business. Although we will be so excited to be able to go, we are concerned about the loss of imcome. (naturally) We are thankful for Abel, Steve's new employee, who will be here and should be able to hold down the fort while we are away so that those weeks of absence will not be a total loss financially. Please be in prayer for us. Finances continue to be our major source of concern in this phase of the process.

I personally am hoping for an early July submittal with an earlier-than-usual appointment (a possibility on account of the fact that we are adopting three and they may want to hurry us in before we come to our senses!). We will trust God that whatever happens, He will supply all our needs and work these things into the greatest good possible as only he can do. Praise be!

If you are able to assist us financially, please consider doing so. I am asking outright because it is so important to us and for these children. We are hoping to go without racking up debts. If we have to, we will, but we are sure there are people out there who understand our reluctance to add the stress of a large amount of debt to the already unpredictable and emotional situation of attempting to adjust and blend our new family. I would normally cringe at the thought of asking for money but adopting these chidren is something I believe in so strongly and so passionately as being truly good that I have no quams whatsoever; instead, I am almost eager! So please, consider how you can help. Maybe you don't have the money but you know someone who does. In any case, and no matter what, pray. We need you!

This is all so thrilling and so terrifying at once and I am so excited in my anticipation of meeting my children that I can hardly stand it! I am constantly breathing prayers, trying to cover every angle I can think of. Not because I am afraid God will not provide but because I am always wondering "what if?" and "who?" and "what emotional baggage?" My most common prayer is that God will prepare their hearts to love and to be loved despite the sure fact that life has been harder for them than we can imagine--and them being only small children. Pray for them with me, if you will.

That is what is on my heart today. Thank you for your interest, prayers and support that so many of you give to us in so many ways. We appreciate you more than you will ever know.

I've gone and gotten wordy again. Hope you've made it this far!


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Anonymous said...

Arrgh, Computers! Over look my spelling errors. I do know how to spell. I can't seem to get the computer to let me fix my errors, though!
--melissa eimers
2007-06-20 18:31:52 GMT

While we do not currently have the means to donate to your adoption (we are currently adopting from Haiti) we will be praying for you, the precious children you have yet to meet and any financial needs on the horizon.
God Bless you!!

2007-06-27 03:32:58 GMT

Thank you. The prayers mean so much, as I am sure you understand. Good luck on your adoption!
--melissa eimers
2007-06-27 19:18:29 GMT

yep mom's right cumputers and mistakes just go to
gather or is it gether ohwell
--Hannah eimers
2007-08-01 00:10:11 GMT