Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Prayer Cards

Prayer Cards
Well, so that we have something to talk about while we wait to post the news of an appointment date, I thought I'd tell you all that we've had prayer cards made up! Steve owns a window cleaning business, as many of you know, and he traded services with a friend who is a photographer and who was able to help us design the cards.

Our cards should be ready in the next week or so. If you read our blog but would also like a prayer card to help you remember to pray or even to share with others, then please email us with your address and we would be happy to put one (or more) in the mail to you! If you are a family member, don't bother--you're getting one whether you want one or not! HeHe.

Thanks for praying already, as so many of you do.

Need I tell you again? Probably not--but, Hey!, it's my blog!--

I am sooo excited to meet these children soon and bring them home! What a blessing!

Love to you all,


Ps. OOPS! Forgot the email address:

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