Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Entry for July 26, 2007

Steve scheduled a call with our consultant yesterday to discuss our options. From what we have heard, it has been extremely difficult to get anything submitted. So, because of this, we wanted to see what we should expect as well as to make sure we aren't just spinning our wheels in Ukraine.

The conversation was helpful and mildly encouraging. It still is an unknown as far as when things may start happening for us but she assured us that it will eventually happen. she said that especially for us, who are young and willing to take three, it should be smoother. I hope she is right!

The election is coming up at the end of September and that is when Cathy (Our consultant) expects things to start moving again. It seems that the trouble is that there are all these social workers but no supervisors and that it is a case of the fox guarding the hen-house mixed with while-the-cat's-away-the-mice-will-play where nothing much gets done.

So, we pray! If you know Steve, then you know that having no control and depending on a system that you have little to no faith in is very hard for him! He likes to get moving and get done. He also is anxious for the children and the expense and hassle of having to keep re-doing paperwork to keep our dossier updated untill its submission. Please remember him especially.


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2007-07-26 17:21:45 GMT
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It's so hard to deal with the fact that there are children who need families, there are families (like you) ready to love & parent them, and yet - not much movement.

We understand the required paperwork & processes though which we must go to ensure ethical adoptions. But it's hard to stomach what feels like the unnecessary wait involved with certain countries. :o(

Continued prayers for you, your husband and children!
2007-07-27 21:01:22 GMT
Plus of course everybody in Ukraine goes on Holiday over the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-07-30 15:11:09 GMT