Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Very Good News!

Do you ever just feel like dancing?!! (Okay, you Baptists don't have to admit it. *wink,wink*)

Last November, we made the decision to go ahead and pursue this adoption. January saw us begin the paperwork, then February, March, April... In May, we were finally able to send the dossier (paperwork) to the translator in Ukraine. In June, we sent updated papers for the expiring ones we had done back in January. July was spent eagerly anticipating getting submitted and then, in early August we were told it probably wouldn't happen untill after the September elections....



We went to the bank the other day to get 27--yes, 27 documents notarized! we were trying to get all of September and October's documents updated at once to save the shipping fees. Steve forgot to go to an appointment about updating our backround checks (saved $75). He got online to look up something about the paperwork and saw in the email this message:

Hi, Steve!

Finally good news – we managed to submit your dossier today. ... it’s there and in about a month or so your dossier will get its registration number and an appointment date (usually now within 3 months).

Best regards,


Steve wept. My jaw dropped. We were totally not expecting this! This puts our travel time likely to be over the holidays. probably most of December and some of January. We are soooo thrilled!

Now, this doesn't mean you can stop praying but you can surely add a praise to your list!!!

Thanks for lifting us and these children up to God in prayer. It means so much!


Ps. If you need a reminder or just want to know how the prcess goes from here, click on this link to our family blog where I have it all listed:

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2007-08-31 14:37:57 GMT
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Hey girl! I had to come by! We have friends who adopted from Ukraine so I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see your new three!
2007-09-11 11:57:29 GMT