Monday, October 29, 2007

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I went to Walmart today to do my grocery shopping and they were making room for the school clothes (Yikes! Already?). This means a bunch of racks of super cheap clothes. I first spotted a couple of pairs of sweatpants for $2 each and then I saw a three-piece outfit for $4 and further on found some t-shirts for $3. So I bought some things in several different sizes. Mostly all boy's stuff (that's a first for me!) since we have girl's sizes up to 7/8 pretty well covered around here! We can take these clothes with us when we travel and anything that doesn't fit our kids we can donate to the orphanage there.

We laugh sometimes about a couple of different things; one is that even one boy in this house would be a major change from the Barbie and My Little Pony messes we are usually cleaning up. And the other is that if we go to Ukraine where boys outnumber girls 3 to 1 and come home with all girls we'll know God just plain doesn't trust us with boys!


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