Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Status Update

Melissa has been doing most of the posting but I thought I would share a few things. First of all Ukraine is still crawling along and not much is getting done! Tonight I finished up an expense log of our adoption thus far. Here are a few highlights:

Total costs of adoption: $32,735.04

This has slowly (quickly I mean) been climbing as time keeps dragging and in addition the American dollar is extremely weak and this is causing prices to climb.

Total costs paid to date: $9,235.04 of which $7,911.77 has been paid in cash and $1,323.27 is a non-interest acruing debt to our first aka fired MD.

Total cash on hand: $10,684.39

In addition, we have purchased a vehicle and made improvements to our current home that will accomidate the size of our new family amounting to $7,013.87. We have saved the funds needed to cover the lost income for the 4-6 weeks we are in Ukraine. At this time we are $12,815.61 short of what we will need to complete the adoption.

I would ask you to pray that these three needs will be met:

1. The $12,815.61 will be provided to complete the adoption of these lost children.
2. That we can find a dentist who will choose to partner with us to help bring our adopted children's teeth up to where they should be when we return.
3. Most of all please pray for our children who are in a desperate and untenable position and and that the SDA in Ukraine will accept our dossier.



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