Monday, May 26, 2008

The Eimers' Six:

Aren't they looking spiffy, all dressed up before Steve's sister's wedding this past weekend?!

...and isn't this picture worth a thousand words?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Eastern European Orphan Graduation

As we celebrate graduation time here in the US, I wanted to draw attention to the precarious position of Eastern European Orphans as they graduate. This video is compiled of pictures I took in Moldova, Ukraine and other pictures that are public domain.

I will warn you: Some of the pictures are extremely harsh and this video is not appropriate for children.

I was asked why I chose some of the pictures I did. The reason is because this is the reality these children face. We are uncomfortable viewing the HELL these children will be living, but at least for us it only lasts 2 minutes on a video!


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Kagda ya big?

The boys are growing so quickly! At times I think they are not much bigger, although their maturity advances are unquestionable.

DAILY Vitali asks me, "Mama, Kagda ya big?" (Mama, when will I be big?) this is usually his waking thought when he snuggles in my bed and his nightly wish when I tuck him into his.

This little (shh, don't tell him I called him Little!) guy is so full of the life just bursting out of him that he is indescribable! He just can't possibly fit in all the living he wants to do each day. He gives it his best shot, though! He talks
time ...

...and when he is not talking, I can see him thinking (as he recharges) about how to be like the 'big' people in the house. He is so funny!
Vitali breaks my heart each day at nap time, which always seems to come as such a devastating shock to him. The saddest tears emerge as his tiny shoulders slump and he heads for bed--reminds me of Tigger when he had to keep his promise to Rabbit not to bounce. In fact, he often makes me think of good ol' Tigger!

But this morning there was great joy in his tiny heart when he came in to report to me the good news. ( I'll tell you in a minute...if you don't guess first!)

The last couple of nights, Ivy has been our light-turner-offer at bedtime. She only recently has become tall enough to do this without a chair. It took every s t r e t c h y bit of effort but she could do it!

Vita could also turn it on. (This is a new accomplishment since he's been here but not the great cause for rejoicing this morning) Each night, however, when Ivy would turn off the light he couldn't make that last fraction-of-an-inch difference necessary to turn the light OFF himself! He tried; Oh!-- how he tried!

So the big news this morning? You have probably guessed it: Yep, the little man was beaming as he hop-skipped into my room in the early light, "MAMA! Ya off !" ( Mama, I off!) It took me a minute of bleary, sleepy-eyed blinking and Ivy filled in the translation for me, "Tawee turned the Yight OFF!"

He has been so happy all day, resting on his laurels. Oh, what fun to be four years old...I mean, what a thrill!


Friday, May 02, 2008


We never used to give passing aircraft a second look...

No one in our family used to be able to be persuaded to eat vegetables for the promise of big muscles...
...but then that was before we had any brothers in the house!
Life is good--no, it's better--having boys, too.