Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Entry for May 24, 2007

I call this picture, "Has Anyone Seen Annette?" She is there in the middle of my garage before I tackled it today. We've been stockpiling stuff for a fundraiser garage sale but the stuff has been reproducing and sale-stuff and non-sale-stuff were getting mixed together in one giant jumbled mountain of --well--stuff!

Who enjoys cleaning out the garage? Still, it didn't take me as long as I expected it to and now I keep opening the door and looking in to admire the fruits of my labor. I've been systematically trying to get the whole house organized and de-cluttered. I am hoping to bring the children home to a welcoming environment and I don't want to spend those last precious days with Hannah, Annette and Ivy cleaning out closets and frantically trying to plan for our month-plus absence. I want to be ready--or at least have a list that I can plan on using as my guide. I can picture myself lying awake at night thinking about who is going to water the plants or mow the lawn or make sure the bills get paid! If I just plan now I can save a lot of stress later on! So, I am nesting. Preparing for my young--but not to be born--to come home.

Steve is being cautious about the work he schedules for late fall. That is when we suspect we may get our appointment. It could be earlier; it could be later. I may have to clean out the garage again before then! Yeesh! I hope not!

We're still waiting for our paperwork to be submitted. Please keep this in your prayers.


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