Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Blogger's Giving me troubles --and other stuff

Still no word on an appointment. We aren't expecting to hear anything until at least this afternoon going by our facilitator's pattern of emailing.

Also, I can't seem to log into blogger. (for those of you who watch our other site, Every time I try to sign in or post a comment to any of you, the connection "times out" and I lose it. Very frustrating; especially since I often do very "wordy" comments! Anyway, I am still watching your news but I am just reduced to "lurking". I can't post on my own site either (just this one) since I can't sign in. The problem seems to be with Blogger since "waiting for blogger to reply" is where it keeps getting hung up. Anyway, now you know.

All that said, if we get the news of an appointment date before the Blogger thing is resolved, this is the only blog that will have the news; so our faithful friends, relatives and/or prayer warriors here will be the only ones in "The Know"

And, yes, I do think it's because you're special!

Keep praying. No news on "news days" is a killer! We just really want to be able to plan!!! I mean, would it kill me to do my Christmas shopping now in case I'll be gone then? No, of course not. But it would be nice to know if I have to or not!!

I know, I know--the spiritually correct thing to say is, "All in God's timing"!

I will say that I do believe that he will work it all out for His Glory. And for that, I am proud to be a part of His plan, but I also know that there are many instances where His timing wasn't executed. Not because we can thwart His plan while He watches helplessly from the Heavens (not even close!), but I don't know why He allows what He allows, knowing what He knows. I trust His sovereignty and since this is all for Him, that is my comfort.

Still Waiting and Praying,


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Anonymous said...

2007-10-09 13:31:52 GMT
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Melissa, did you try to delete cookies from your computer? From your Internet Explorer window select Tools ->Internet Options. Click "Delete Cookies", "Delete Files" and click "OK". Then close and reopen Internet Explorer. Let's see if it makes a difference. Also, maybe rebooting your computer will help.

As for the waiting, I know how hard it is. All of us are waiting with you, so you are not alone!

2007-10-09 14:53:13 GMT
I am truly waiting along with you! I believe we were submitted the same day (8/20) This waiting is a killer! Hopefully, one day very soon, we can look back on all this and see what God was trying to do!

Adopting 2
2007-10-10 05:58:57 GMT