Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive Post: Entry for September 25, 2007

Well, I am checking the email every chance I get: It is very likely that we will hear of our appointment this week!! I suppose that if we don't, we will be concerned. This is the six-week mark that has recently become the norm depsite the fact that they are supposed to respond within 20 business days. We were hoping it would speed up with the passing of summer and the end of the vacation season but so far, apparently not!
Anyway, just wanted to let you know what's up. This whole thing seems to move in fits and starts. (is that how that expession goes? I know what it means, but it doesn't make any sense at face value)
At any rate, we're still here!


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2007-09-25 14:10:45 GMT
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I'll be checking in frequently, then. I'm so excited for you!!
2007-09-25 19:17:25 GMT