Monday, October 29, 2007

Archive post: February 22, 2007

We spent the day in the Atlanta area attending a conference on parenting hurt children. Actually, it was designed more for social workers but it was great for us, too. The speaker, Dr. Gregory Keck, was very entertaining while still being extremely relevant and imformative. I was a bit prepared for the topic having read his book but Steve hadn't read it yet and either way we both got a lot out of it. He talked quite a bit about extreme cases but pretty much all these children will have some kind of attatchment issues. It may be quite an adventure!

People have asked me how I expect to deal with the fact that Hannah, Annette and Ivy may have jealousy problems when these new children require so much attention. Not to pretend that won't be an issue, but I suspect that the bigger problems for them will come when the new child breaks a beloved toy or acts out in an agressive way. I cannot preserve their "bubble" once the kids are here and can only do so much to prepare them. I know they are so excited about the new brothers or sisters but am afraid of their hearts being broken by not being loved back. I think I can handle that situation for me but it's such a big thing to ask of these innocent,
wide-eyed little girls we already have. We will need your prayer.

My mom kept the girls while we were at the conference. I am so thankful that my parents are here in Tennessee now. The girls love to go there and when I called them this afternoon, they were having a ball painting pictures. I don't think they even remembered to miss me! I am sure that having family nearby will prove to be an invaluable asset to us in these coming years.

The hotel where we stayed last night turned out to hold a few surprises. Steve noticed the Eastern European name of the girl behind the desk and found out that she was from Russia. We amused her by "practicing" our "Russian" (if you can call it that!) on her. We had the hardest time just saying "Hello"! She said that I said it right but she just laughed at Steve. Thing is, I can only retain the correct pronunciation for about 6 seconds! I hope that becoming more familiar with the sound of the language will help us remember pronunciations better!

This morning when we were checking out, the girl behind the desk had an obvious accent. Steve asked her if she was from Russia and she replied that she was from Romania. Steve told her that he had just been in Moldova and was a stone's throw from the Romanian border. Her eyes lit up and she said "Actually, I am from Moldova but I just say Romania because no one knows Moldova." Turns out she was from Cahul, the city where Steve had been based while he was on his shoe mission! She had started out a bit short with us but by the time we left she was all smiles and as we left, Steve turned back to her and said "Thank you" in Romanian. What a small world sometimes!


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