Friday, December 28, 2007

Meet the “WHY”

Our pastor will often say “You can live with any ‘how’ as long as you know your ‘why’.”

I would like to introduce you to our WHY!!!

Maximus “Max” Stephen Eimers

Max is eight years old. His birthday is 09-27-99. Max is in the second grade. He likes to draw and paint. Max is considerate and caring of the other children and caregivers. Max is very proud of us as his parents and has been the star of the orphanage the last few weeks. Max is the only one of the three that has a clue that we don’t speak or understand Russian!

Max, Mom and Dad

Max and Misha meet each other again after over a year of being separated in different orphanages. (The orphanages were only 1,000 feet apart)

Max beside his bed in his group.

Mikhail “Misha” James Eimers

Misha is six years old. His birthday is 07-12-01. Misha is in kindergarten. Misha loves trains and candy. Misha is never one to be too shy. Misha is probably the most sensitive and outgoing of the three boys. His eyes are full of life!

Misha, Vitali, and Daddy (Vitali with his cut on his forehead)

Misha always ready for a picture

Vitali Luke Eimers

Vitali is a bundle of energy and four years old. Vitali’s birthday is 03/29/04. He is a free spirit but has grown fonder of us with each visit. Little Vitali is apt to climb up you while you are not looking and then tumble off into a heap. Vitali is the odds on favorite to be the first boy to go get stitches. Vitali likes anything he can carry around and show off and tell everybody it is HIS!

Vitali our blue eyed bundle of Energy!

Vitali loves being up in the air. His first English word was "again" his second was "I love you."

Vitali on the run again!

Court went well and the judge declared us parents of Max, Misha, and Vitali!!!!!! We are back in the states now because Ukraine is going on holiday until 7 January. The cost for airline tickets or room, board, and transportation was about the same so we are headed home for about 12 days to prepare for the boys. We arrive back in Ukraine on 8 January and then chase more “blue stamps!!!!” (passports, birth certificates, etc, etc.)

This is the end of the beginning! How is it going to play out? I don’t know! We still have about 3 weeks of chasing papers in Ukraine and then life. Vitali has never known a “family”, Misha was too young to remember “family” and Max deserved better! We are now the parents of six children, three girls and three boys. We promise to do the best we can to raise all these children in a Godly way.

For those who have partnered with us financially we cannot thank you enough. We had financially prepared to adopt these boys for several years but the total direct and indirect costs were over $60,000. Your generous gifts have allowed Max, Misha, and Vitali to have a family. We cannot adequately thank you enough!!

Steve and Melissa Eimers and our children;

Hannah 8, Max 8, Misha 6, Annette 5, Vitali 3, and Ivy 2


Anonymous said...

Three treasures now alongside your three gems. Perfect! What wonderful pictures and introductions to your sons. Congratulations!! :-D

Tami said...

They are so precious...each and every one. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us! CONGRAULATIONS!!!!!

Kathy & Matt said...

Thanks for sharing their pictures! They are adorable!!!
You are going to have a wonderful house full of love.

Congrats on completing court and nearing the end of this part of your journey.

Rebecca said...

CONGRATULATIONS on now being OFFICIAL! I am just so pleased for you-and so thankful to God for paving your way. Each of the boys are precious in their own right and I am sure they miss you so much! Thank you for sharing the photos and descriptions to allow us to get to know them as well. I can't wait for your girls to meet their brothers-and vice versa! :-)

Congratulations, again! What a beautiful family the Lord has given you!

Auntie G said...

This is one of the best posts I have ever read!! You are now The Brady Bunch!!

Nataliya said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your sons are adorable! They even look like both of you! What a blessing to be the parents to 3 girls and 3 boys!

I agree with your decision to come home - isn't it great to be able to see the girls, relax in your own home and recharge for the next trip? Especially if the cost for staying in Ukraine is the same as flying home!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful sight to see. You have truly been blessed. The boys are adorable. We can't wait to meet them.

Leslie said...

We're so excited! You're going to need those days at home to prepare. How wonderful that you get to spend a littel time with the girls before heading back. Merry Christmas, Eimer 8!

Stange Family said...

Ohhh, I am so happy for you!!! Thank you for sharing your journey. I have really enjoyed following along!

Dawn said...

Wonderful photos! How exciting for you all....

Irina said...

Boys are similar to you. You beautiful family! Soon there will come time when you can make the general photo: parents and six children!

adopting2fromUkraine said...

What precious little boys! That is so great that you had court so quickly. We have to wait until January 8. But it gets closer everyday.

MamaPoRuski said...

Congratulations! We will continue to pray for a smooth paperwork process and bonding time with your family! God Bless!

The O'Haras said...

Congratulations! I thought adopting two and increasing to five was big but you are three and three! Wow! May God use this time to refresh you before you return for the last of your journey in Ukraine. God Bless!!

Passanita Family said...

What adorable little guys! We also have 3 little boys from Ukraine that we came home with in July. More power to you with 3 other little ones as well. Our other kids are grown and these little guys run us like crazy.
May the new year bring you and your boys and family many blessings as you adjust to a family of 8. Praise God fr the miracle of adoption.
Laura and Rob Passanita

Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys! If you need anything when you are back in Kharkov, let Sergey and I know. You can reach us at

God Bless you guys!
Natalie and Sergey Kondratenko

Annie said...

I'm so glad that for some reason I "checked in" to hear this great news. What adorable boys!

Christine said...

How precious they all are! Your family is just wonderful.

Jen said...

I believe what you are doing is just remarkable. You and your husband are a gift from God for these children. God Bless you all and you will forever stay in heart and prayers.