Tuesday, December 04, 2007

No more updating the thermometer

That is one very good looking thermometer I must say. If you ever need to create one you can do it entropyfarm.org.

We have been so blessed and are just ready to get moving!

Please pray for our children here and there.

This video of Psalm 23 is great!


Anonymous said...

I've never met you, but I just wanted you to know that I'm adding you to my prayer list. I know the excitement and jitters of adoption quite well. My husband and I adopted 2 little girls from Russia last year. It has been one of the most difficult and most joyous experiences of my life. I remember the crazy last days beforehand and I know you are using every last minute to prepare. The moment you meet your children it will all be worth it. God will orchestrate it perfectly. I am excited for you and your family. And I will be reading your blog for updates!

Nancy Moritz (daughter of Jan and Jerry Seiler)

Nataliya said...

CONGRATULATIONS on reaching your goal!!! You are definitely blessed! Can't wait to follow your journey!