Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Tree and other stuff.

Hi All! I wish I could post pictures...of the city and especially of the boys! Unfortunately,besides the fact that the boys have to wait, it has just taken me ten minutes for this computer to process me signing in and then choosing which of our blogs I would post on! The extremely slow internet is so annoying! Aaaarrrgghhh!

I posted yesterday but accidentally posted on my family blog!

Anyway, We have a court date! Dec 26. This is good but because of the holidays here (not dec 25--it's nothing special in Ukraine) we will have to wait the manditory ten days PLUS several more! Because of this we are, at this point, planning to fly home and then at least one of us come back to finish the process after Jan 9 when things open up again here.

In a way, I will be glad for the opportunity to go home and get the bedrooms ready. Remember, we didn't khow much of what to plan for when we left!!

I have visited several of your blogs. I haven't commented because of the time involved with waiting for the things lo load. So here are a few comments here: Beth Pie, Asa is just adorable! I am so glad that you were able to be with him. Your heart must ache to be away from him now! I hope that things will pick up soon and before you know it, you can bring him home! Bethany, my sister, If I were you I never would have had the courage to post such an un-flattering picture of myself on the internet--I only choose the ones I like! It is funny how Dakota was laying on you, though! I see you are still able to sleep on your belly. I hope your baby doesn't look like Flat Stanley ( remember those books?) when He-she is born! Also, I hope your appointment on Friday goes well and that you can find out if your little "rolling ball" is a 'football' or a 'royal ball'. Warren, your Rudolph cookie looks delicious and the boys look like they are enjoying the snow--I'm not so much... ;-) Lynn, you are getting so close to being slim-you again! Can't wait to meet the little guy! Irena, I am very impressed with your English and am wishing my Russian were as good! Some days are harder than others to communicate. Today was especially tiring! Just curious: what city in Ukraine are you from? (Or near) Thank you for your many kind comments. Christine, the personality conflict? I don't know if I can characterize it well at this point. It may just be that we looked ungrateful to her when we asked for more files. In retrospect, I want to thank her for such a perfect choice! Natailya, Say a big happy birthday to Victoria from me! And, for what it's worth, you look pretty darn good for an "old-age" person! Leslie, I loved reading Kristina's post. I wish she'd teach me some Russian too! Sounds like she's having the time of her life! and what a lucky girl: This IS her life now!

For the rest of you: the links to these sites are on my family blog on the right hand side. I recommend that you at least all visit Beth pie's site and see her pictures of little Asa in Haiti. What a cutie!

We visited the boys this morning at their orphanages. Max's first because we took his group a Christmas tree. The children were so excited! They all crowded around saying "yoolichka, Yoolichka! Kryseevaya!" (christmas tree, beautiful!) over and over! Then we brought out the ornaments and they all started again. Steve and Max put the topper on the top and it did look quite nice. We also left cookies and candies and gave the kids bananas thanks to several donations from friends. I tried to get pictrues of the kids withthe bananas but they virtually inhaled them! They were very pleased, to say the least!

Max was very proud of all this but the visit was pretty stressful for him and for us because the other kids were clamboring for our attention. We gave them all gifts, cars to the boys and the one little girl got a small doll. Oh, I wish you could have seen her face light up! She was so pleased! We gave Max a little Lego kit and he really enjoyed puting it together although he was distracted by feeling the need to police the christmas tree lights!

We only saw the little boys for a few minutes because they had to take naps. We gave them our gifts, a car for Vitali and we finally found a train for Misha! It is small enough for him to take home (if it lasts that long) and even has a little track that he started right away to put together!

It was very draining to try and communicate at these outings today because so much was different from the norm. I hope we will be able to stick more to routine from now on. That way we all know what to do and where to go!

I am looking forward to more relaxing visits tomorrow.


Kathy & Matt said...

It sounds like you are doing well and getting to know the boys. Putting up the Christmas tree must have been great fun.

I'm so glad to hear you have a court date. Congrats! Assuming you do come home after that, it will be great to get back to your girls, plus prepare for bringing the boys home.

Hope all continues to go well. Take care!

Beth said...

I am so eager to meet these three little boys. They sound wonderful. I'm so excited for you and all of us who get to be family for them.

Irina said...
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Irina said...

You praise my English language - thanks, but I not soon can speak on it :(. I live in Sevastopol, it is Crimea, Ukraine. I difficultly am guided in блогах. The reference to yours блог was on a site about adoption of children. I have taken a great interest in your history :). You good people, good parents. You live near to my future husband: mine Mike in Michigan. I mum of three children, Mike the father of three children. And consequently your history is pleasant to me even more:). I shall continue to pray for your happiness. Now I think: boys will get used to you, and it will leave very sadly you even for the small period (if you will go home for the period of holidays).

Nataliya said...

It was so nice of you to put a Christmas tree for Max's groupa! I can imagine how the little ones loved the gifts and "yolochka".

I'm sooooooo happy you have a court date on the 26th!!! It's awesome! Everything closes at the end of December, so it's so great that you were able to secure a court date!

Thanks for the compliment :) I know how frustrating it is to try to blog with the slow Internet connection - I couldn't post the comments while in Ukraine.