Saturday, December 15, 2007


We arrived in Kharkov by overnight train and were picked up by our driver and taking to see the inspector. We had to get permission to see the boys and after several minutes we had our first YES for the day and our first of many papers.

Next we were off to see the oldest boy. He lives in an internot outside the city of Kharkov about 27 km outside the city. This was a smaller village. We sat down in an old room with three desks at which were seated the orphange director, lawyer, assistant director, medical director, psychologist, our translator, and the regional inspector. We were seated on a couch beside the wall. Various people told us things about his story. The anticipation is unbelievable! After several minutes a young blond haired blue eyed boy with his black suit, blue coat, and big hat slowly walked through the door. For so long these children were an abstract idea. They were an I-600A, dossiers, updates, cash, checks, emails, etc but now right in front of us was a scared little boy. It took everything I had to keep my tail planted on that couch.

This young boy had NO idea we were coming. He was in class and had been told to come to the director's office. He walked in the door and was sat in the center of all these adults. He was hit with several questions. Do you want to go to America with this couple? Do you want to learn English? Do you want them to be your parents? Do you want them to adopt you? At each question in his soft voice he said "Dah". I cannot even begin to imagine what it might be like to have experienced all this! We had another YES!

We got to play with the young boy for some time and shared different small gifts with him. He was a bit nervous as might be expected and after about 1 hour we had to leave. As we were leaving he got his coat and hat on and came up to us. This young boy was ready to go. He believed we were off to America right then! I wish he was right!

We were next off to see the younger boys. We walked into the baby house after a short wait and were immediately greeted by two very eager boys shouting "MAMA" "PAPA"! There was little doubt this was a yes! The director told us the youngest boy has "good dream" every night that he has a mommy and daddy. They said every time a couple comes into the orphanage he would ask "is this my mama and papa?" Everytime before the answer was no! Thursday morning the answer to that question was YES!!!!!!!

Just a few quick notes:

The oldest boy is 8 years old and is 2 weeks younger than Hannah. He has blond hair and blue eyes and a soft spoken attitude. We enjoy our visits so much with him and he is very smart. He loves to share the candy and bananas we bring him with his group. His name is Max. He always asks as we leave "when will you come back and see me again?

The middle boy is 6 years old and suprisingly plump! He has hazel eyes and brown hair. He has a throaty voice. He has been a favorite of the director and this shows! When we are with him he is possessive of us and if another child other than his younger brother is with us he will escort them out and close the door. This is a good sign for bonding. His name is Misha (Mikhial)! He does not necessarily share his brother's sharing skills and was not happy with me when I would not let him eat his 3rd banana in 10 minutes!

The youngest boy is a sweet little boy and full of energy. He gets a toy or candy and immediately runs through the whole house showing off his new possession. He is full of energy! His name is Vitali. My mom calls him vitality! This description fits him well.

This journey has been tough with many bumps in the road. Many times we had delays and a very large one in July. If we had been to Ukraine earlier we would not have had the chance to meet these boys as they were just recently registered for adoption. The timing was perfect but painful!

Our appointment on Tuesday was not fun!! We were essentially shown 1 file, we had expected at least 4 and up to 12. This was shocking! I was near panic as we sat there thinking we had come this far and now we are sitting here and about to fail. There was abit of a personality conflict at our appointment and we reluctantly took the referral for these boys and went home. We were rather angry. After, I made a call to one of our pastors in the states and was describing the appointment and the referral. I began to review what happened and began to realize that I had misdirected my feelings towards the children. I can say I felt no emotional attachment to the boys before this point. As I was talking I have never been hit so hard as when speaking about things having to do with the boys. I realized then, AGAIN, how selfish I have been. I knew then they were ours! When we met these boys they were perfect for us!

There are still many steps and we are praying for a court date on Christmas Eve or Christmas day. We will know more on Monday! I can't imagine a better Christmas!



Drew and Rita said...

We are so happy for you. I know how impatient you were this summer. Good things come to those that wait. How blessed you are!

Auntie G said...

I cannot even imagine what it must be like to be a child waiting for a Mama and Dada. I am so glad things are going well for you and the boys sound super.

Grandma Falk said...

Dear Melissa and Steve,

There are so many lessons to be learned from your year-long journey to this time. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever be spiritually mature enough to look at disappointments, delays and roadblocks as divine direction. Your experience has proven once again that God's timing is indeed perfect and His ways past finding out. Hannah asked me why, if Vitali is so adorable, no one has adopted him yet, and the answer has to be because God has been saving him and his brothers for you.

I certainly wouldn't call you selfish, Steve. This whole labor of love proves otherwise.

Love from Home,
Mom and Dad Falk

Leslie said...

What an amazing story so far! God directs our steps so thouroghly even when we don't understand. How blessed to look back and see Him guiding us in such a certain path!

adoptedthree said...

It is not about connecting with a picture BUT it is about connecting with a child that is shown to you for a reason...
God had a direction and you were led!

Personally not one photo I have seen of my children would have directed me to them: there is always something deeper inside. and you found it!
Peace and blessings!

Anonymous said...

Melissa and Steve,

You both did a fantastic job describing your experience with these three boys. It's fun hearing about their personalities and their reactions to you.

I have an image in my head of what the boys look like from your physical description. I can't wait to see a real picture though!

Have you showed them pictures of your girls? I wonder what they think about getting three sisters!

Keep us posted! It's exciting to read the latest news on your site. Isn't internet great!

Take care,

MamaPoRuski said...

Our son said the same thing to us "All children in the orphanage dream of the day when Mama and Papa come to get them!" Isn't it amazing that God chooses to use us to complete these dreams!
May God continue to bless your bonding time and legal processes!

The O'Haras said...

OK, you got me choked up and tears in my eyes as I read the post to my wife. As I got to the part where you said you only got one referral, in the back of my mind I was thinking that it was God abundantly making it clear to you that these are the children he had predestined for you in eternity past and He wanted to make sure that you knew it ;) That your faith would be stretched in ways that would allow Christ to shine through you both! In my thoughts and prayers!

Christine said...

Thanks for being so honest about your feelings.

Wow, only one file? What personality conflict do you think there was, if you don't mind me asking?

Anyways, so glad to hear that the boys are the ones!