Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our appointment

We have accepted a referral and will visit 3 boys. Yes, boys!

Since we have no experience with boys could somebody please run out to our house and smash all the walls with Tonka trucks, throw baseballs through at least three windows and practice belching the alphabet. Please then email us the pictures and video; we need to prepare.

We are excited to go to Kharkov tomorrow evening on the overnight train.

Would you believe those boys are named Steve, Steve, and Steve?

We will post more details after arriving in region. Please continue to pray for us and pray for these 3 young boys. We hope these may be the children we will adopt.



Anonymous said...

That's great! Please let us know when you know thier sizes :)

Aunt Bonita

Nataliya said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You guys are in my thoughts and prayers, as I'm sure that these 3 boys are meant to be yours! How exciting it will be to have 3 girls and 3 boys?

Good luck and have fun on the overnight train to Kharkov!

Kathy & Matt said...

Three boys!

God sometimes works in mysterious ways. It would be fun to have 3 boys and 3 girls!

We'll continue praying for you as you get to meet them.

Drew and Rita said...

What to do with 3 boys? Have them live outside with balls. Let them run, bounce, and climb until they are hungry and/or tired.

Auntie G said...

I think that is just wonderful!! Maybe they will be nice mild-mannered boys, at least indoors.

Eugene said...

That's exciting! 3 boys! They can take over the family business-one day!

We'll keep praying for God's perfect pick for you.

Eugene, Enda and Brendan

Anonymous said...

Oh! We continue to pray! You will think up then how to play with boys. The main thing in your life is love to children, to girls and boys. Please, leave them their names, or make their names similar on Ukrainian! You can add them middle name. You can name someone from boys a name of mine of the beloved: Richard Michael! Excitement and support. Irina

Nataliya said...

Melissa, you shared your coffee experience, I can relate :) Make sure you order "Americana" coffee. Even though it's still much smaller than our small cup, it's much bigger than expresso, and similar in taste to our coffee.

Dawn said...

If these are your children, I have no doubt that you will know how to stay one step ahead of them....after all...you both have brothers!
Too funny...belching the alphabet...and don't forget the armpit frips.
Ask me how I know...

Seriously, we are still praying.

Jamie L. Abbott said...

three boys ... WOW! Ask the Osbornes what life's like with three boys, not to mention having three girls on top of that and then Steve. Melisa, I would say that you would be one busy women.

Best of luck,
Jamie L. Abbott

Leslie said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! I love it! Can't wait to hear how everything goes.

Christine said...

How cool. Three and three... just like the Brady Bunch. Right now we are five and five until we adopt our new son from Ukraine.

God Bless and safe travels. :)

I'm so glad to have found your blog.

BethPie said...

Boys!!! That's wonderful. I can't wait to hear how it goes when you meet these little fellows. Praying for you! :o)