Saturday, December 15, 2007

And Now---My Perspective...

Ahhhhhh.......internet! At last! Don't tell Steve because \I complained all the way over here since it is below freezing ---but I am glad to have access and glad that our Russian was good enough to ask where was the internet cafe, to read the signs and follow the directions we were given, etc... Sometimes being here is an exciting adventure but I really miss my language!

The good news:
We have accepted the referral to adopt three boys! We can't publish their pictures yet because of the way it works here. After court, after the ten day waiting period we will be able to show you pictures. Yes, this is a while. I hated waiting on the other blogs too! We are hoping to have court on Dec. 24th or 25th. Christmas for us, but not here!
We will know on Tuesday. Please pray for this to go well and speedily.

Let me tell you about the boys. We are so in love! The oldest, Max, is 8. We met him first. We were shown into a big, cold-looking (but heated) building and then into a room that was large but quite empty except for three desks facing eachother in the middle of the room and one built in couch all along one wall. We sat on the couch with our translator until the director and some other people got there, including the inspector. (we had to have the inspector present because since Max is over 7 years, he must agree to be adopted. I was worried a little about this part. ) The inspector, the doctor, our translator, and some people from the orphanage, including the orpahage lawyer, sat around these desks and talked about the details. Alla, our translator, occasionally giving little pre-agreed upon winks to let us know things were going well.

Then, we were asked did we want to meet the boy? Did we?!! YES! Word went out to find him and bring him in. He had to leave his classes and come to where we were. I was not prpared--couldn't have been-- for my first sight of him. Tears filled my eyes looking at that sweet young boy standing in the huge doorway of that big room. He looked around, obviously wondering how he fit into this picture. They called him to sit at one of the desks--the one closest to our couch. He was sitting kind-of sideways to us looking straight ahead to the inspector who was asking him questions. We gathered that she was telling him why we were there and that we might adopt him, if he were willing and take him to America in an airplane. He would have to learn English but he would get three sisters, and live again with his two brothers who he hadn't seen in a year and a half. Would he like to be our son? Did he agree? These were the questions the inspector asked him. The corners of his serious little mouth turned up a bit and he looked our direction. I saw him glance at me and give Steve a once-over. Us trying to look friendly and hide the emotions we had welling inside of us. He looked back to the inspector, "Da." he said. She asked again to be sure. His tongue stuck out a little this time as he smiled shyly, "da." he said again. So they brought him over to us and took our hands and put his in ours and we looked at eachother. Our translator introduce us as Steve and Maleessa ( that is how my name sounds here) We spent the next hour playing with him and just in awe that this could be our son. Barring some awful development at this point, we knew we would take him home forever.

When it was time to go, we said we had to leave and picked up our coats. He got his coat and hat as well and was ready to go right then! Alla told him that we would be back tomorrow maybe. She later told us that he said, " Can they come sooner? I will wait for them!"

Then we were off to the littler boys' orphanage only a block away. We walked in the door of the house they were in and the boys were quickly found and dancing at our feet! Oh, what precious little guys! Their names are Misha and Vitali. (Yes, Irena, we are keeping their names!) Then we were led into a room which was the bedroom. We sat on a couch in this room and the boys came up to us and asked us where were the presents?!! When people come, it means candies, cookies and gifts for the lucky kids! Now it was their turn and they were so proud! Steve pulled a couple of matchbox cars out of his pocket and they ran off showing everyone they could see, holding them high. Proud as could be. They, especially the three-year-old were quite cuddly. They have been well taken care of, well fed and they are quite happy! We were worn out at the end of our time together, though! Vitali is especially lively.

I know Steve is going into a little more detail about their personalities so I will skip ahead and say that we have spent ever since then pursuing documents so that we can bring them home! Well, Alla has--we have been obediently waiting and signing where needed. :-)

Today we visited them again for the third time. We got some very nice pictures and video--especially of Max. I can't wait for you all to meet them--some of you here and some of you in person!

Our apartment is nice--two bedrooms, kitchen large living room, a bathroom with a hot water tank that can last for a whole shower (believe me-- it's a luxury!), and a beautiful view. We are enjoying the food, smiling at how diffently Ukrainians behave and think from Americans (good and bad), and loving to visit our boys!

Of course, we are missing our girls like crazy but we are blessed to know hey are in good hands and that soon we will all be together as a big family! (Hannah keeps begging to share a room with Max! She doesn't understand why we don't let her!)

You all, this is totally amazing to be here and be with our boys, to be dreaming of home and taking them with us and all this. We can not believe how blessed we are to have this opportunity, and how grateful we are that we took it, and how awestruck we are at how we could instantly fall so head over heels for these boys! I am sitting here trying to put this all into words and find that there just aren't any. Three boys who needed a family will have one and we are amazingly blessed to be that family. Do you ever get that choked-with-emotion feeling? I do, everytime I think about all this. Praise God for all of this. I'll say it again. This is amazing, I am so overwhelmed! (in a good way!)

I am going now to look over a few of your blogs! I have missed all of you and it is so refreshing to be so far from home but still get words of encouragement and joy from those of you in the web-world! Keep the comments coming! I do a little cheer inside when I see a bunch of comments!

Love to you all!


Dawn said...

Oh Melissa, this is so thrilling!!!
God is good, all the time...and in HIS SOVEREIGN plan, He prepared all of this for you and Steve.
So very amazing.

kari said...

So glad everything is going well. We are praying for you. We are anxious to meet our new nephews. The girls in the family are definitely going to be outnumbered now.

kari said...

So glad everything is going well. We are praying for you. We are anxious to meet our new nephews. The girls in the family are definitely going to be outnumbered now.

Kathy & Matt said...

Melissa and Steve,
It is so good to hear how well your meetings with the boys have gone. They sound great!
What a great Christmas present.

We'll be praying for everything to go quickly so your court date is done by Christmas.

Praising God for bringing these boys to your lives!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! We can't wait to meet our new little nephews. Please let us know when you have a list of things that you will need. (coats, clothes, ect..)

Aunt Bonita

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! I am a faithful but background visitor to your blog. I have been checking for an update and am sooo very happy. I can’t believe that you were presented with three boys! Good luck with the rest of the journey. Can’t wait to “meet” your new little ones!
Karissa Cunningham

Grandma Falk said...

Dear Melissa and Steve,

It's wonderful to get continued good news. We are eager to put the boys' names and faces together, first in pictures, and then face to face.

The greatest concern I had was the possibility of attachment disorders, especially with the oldest. That all three would so quickly desire to have you for their parents is nothing short of spectacular! We just hope that they are as eager to have us as their grandparents (I am getting used to being called a babooshka--or however you spell it!)

The girls are doing great. They couldn't be sweeter. God is answering our prayers regarding them as well as the prayers for the new children. We are having so much fun with them. I told Dad today that I am going to have trouble giving them back to you! He agreed.

Keep the news coming.

Love, Mom and Dad

Nataliya said...

Melissa and Steve, I'm so happy for you! I was checking your blog so many times for the updates!

The boys sound like a perfect addition to your family! Poor Max had to answer such an important question in room with so many officials... I love their names! My Dad's name was Vitali, so of course this name is my favorite :)

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers as you are waiting for the court date, hopefully on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!

Andrea Stange said...

my eyes filled with tears as I read your accounts of meeting your boys.
I will continue to pray for the two of you, your 3 new boys, and your 3 sweet girls at home.

Anonymous said...

Dear Stephen and Melissa,
I have just read your updates and all the comments. I am overwhelmed with emotions of joy and gratitude to our Heavenly Father. Love and prayers,
Dad Eimers

Anonymous said...

We have a little boy in our Sunday School class who is named Vitali. His family of 15, one who is a deaf girl, is from Moldova.

We are looking forward to meeting the boys and praying for you while you are gone.

Daniel Eimers

Dawn said...

Yes, you must find a creche for your family...Jessica says they have wonderful choices.
You also MUST bring each of the girls a matryoshka. You will have difficulty choosing! They are all so unique. Think of the fun that Hannah will have - sharing it on Show and Tell Friday.
I had to read the story again this morning. It touches my heart every time.

Irina said...

It is awful: to live on small distance from the unique native person, and to not have an opportunity it to see!
Happy boys, they will receive family.