Sunday, December 16, 2007


We were able to take our camera to see Max on Friday and when we visited Misha and Vitali on Saturday, we showed the pictures of him to Misha and Vitali. The boys have not seen each other in over a year and Misha cheered MAXEEEEEEM!

Later, we went to visit Max and when we showed him video when he saw Misha, he touched the screen affectionately and said MEEEEEESHA!

It will be some time before the boys can see each other in person but it was so great to share this with them.

Today we went shopping and bought some clothes for the boys. We will post sizes soon, Bonita.

Got to run!



Nataliya said...

I have goosebumps thinking about a miracle reuniting the boys together! It's so sad that siblings are kept separate from each other depending on their age. What a good idea to show the boys their brothers' pictures before they can see each other in person!

Auntie G said...

AWESOME!!! You are amazing parents to them already.

Kathy & Matt said...

Their reactions to seeing photos and video of each other is precious! How exciting to bring these boys back together!

THE ISBELL'S said...


Leslie said...

How cool! Continuing to pray for you guys!

BethPie said...

Oh, wow!! Prayers for your growing family. I'm so happy that your boys will finally be reunited & that God has chosen your family to make that happen. God Bless you.

Aunt Karen said...

We were so thrilled to hear the news about "your boys." It was amazing to hear how quickly you fell in love with them. I'm sure the rest of us will have the same experience--love at first sight! We continue to pray for you as you continue the process. God has been so faithful and we are confident that He will continue to lead and guide you in the days ahead.

DoveFamily said...

Glad things are going so well for you guys!!! Can't wait to read more good news. Enjoy your time there - it will seem like forever while you're there, but looking back it goes by really fast!

Tammi said...

Hey guys!!!

Congrats!! We can't wait to meet your new family members. BOYS yeah! So I guess you'll be needing a lot more eggs huh?haha I've been thinking about you guys a lot, hope you get your appointment on Christmas Eve. I'll give your mom a call to see if the girls want to come over this week. Please be carefull and know that we are praying for you. P.S. Melissa don't forget your carry on bag. -- Love Tammi

Irina said...

Melissa! Steve! I am very glad for you! I read your stories, I shed tears: it is Christmas history! (my English is weak, excuse, I use electronic translation). I shall pray for safe end of your noble business, and about your returning home. Boys will be happy with you. They will pass the period of adaptation which will demand from you greater forces. The world to your house, happiness to your family! P.S. Boys have beautiful names:).

Anonymous said...

Steven and Melissa,
I am so excited about your boys....I love boys! I have already put aside all of Garrett's and Austin's clothes they have outgrown. Believe me...we also have tons of boy toys...action figures, cars, footballs, gross gooey stuff (not really sure what it is).
Hope the rest of the trip is smooth sailing and I can't wait to meet your boys.
Alisa Coppock