Thursday, December 20, 2007

Together again...for a little bit.

So much for my dreams of a relaxing day with the boys! Today, the bigger two boys, Max and Misha had to go and get pictures taken for passports. They were trying to tell us that we would stay with Vitali and play and they would take the boys for the photos. Steve decided that we would have to be a little forceful about this. He called Alla, or translator and she relayed the message to them that we wanted to be there when Misha and Max met eachother again for the first time in a year and a half! It was fairly obvious that they thought this was strange but we worked it out. We went with Misha to Max's orphanage and then waited while Steve and Andree our driver went in to get Max.

I got out the video camera and was ready. Misha caught sight of Max and called out Maxeeeem! He was very excited. Max, in his quiet way, smiled and called out a more reserved, "Meesha!" they hugged eachother and we were glad to have been there. I don't know why is seemed so odd to the orphanage workers. We took a picture of them together and then walked back to play with Vitali.

We had fun with Vitali but he wore us out! Especially Steve. He kept asking Steve to lift him high in the air or play hide and seek or that sort of thing. Finally, one of the workers suggested we take him outside for a while, which we did. This was great for us. We could play with him on the large sun porch and he could expend some extra energy! We found out that he is very afraid of cats but the one sleepy cat that was out there refused to leave the relative warmth of the porch so Vitali kept a wary eye on it. If it got too close, we took the opportunity to teach him that we are here to be his protectors. Steve would sit between Vitali and the ferocious beast andVitali liked the excuse to snuggle against him. It was very sweet. I got a picture or two of that also.

We wanted him to go down the little plastic slide but he was afraid at the top of that, too. No problem, it was my turn to reach up and hold his hands while he slid down. I don't know if he was really afraid or not but he seemed to want to test us in this way. ( Remember, Vitali has never had a mother or father. He has been in the system since birth.) He would climb the slide and then whimper and as soon as my hands reached out to his, his face was a bright smile! We did this over and over and were glad for the chance to cuddle his willing little body a bit. He is normally too squirmy to settle for long! Its all about his mood at three years old. There is so much for him to do!

Anyway, over all, it has been a good day. I hope to call the girls tonight. We are really missing home these days but are torn because part of our family is here and part of it is in America. How good it will be to have us all under one roof at last....not for a while yet, though.

Steve is trying to figure out if we can get plane tickets or not. Our return tickets that were supposed to be changeable are not exactly so. This means getting this all figured out from here which is not nearly so easy for us as in America! Also, we have to see about the prices. This is pretty late notice for buying tickets! This would be something specific we would appreciate your prayers about!

Pakah! (Bye!),


Kathy & Matt said...

I loved your description of the boys meeting again. How sweet!

Sounds like things are going so well for you. I hope Steve can change your flights.

Leslie said...

I can't wait until you guys can post pics!!! You'll be glad you came home during the wait period. It will let you reenergize for the final leg of the journey

Nataliya said...

What a special day for Misha and Max! I'm so glad you were able to capture their meeting on camera! By the way, are you going to change the spelling of their names? Is that going to be Max or Maxim? Michael or Mikhail?

Hope you'll be able to change your tickets this week!

Melissa E. said...

Nataliya, We are Changing only Max's name so that it will not be the name of the men's magazine. We added a "-us" (appropriate,we thought)to the end to make it Maximus.
Their names will be
Maximus Stephen
Michail James
Vitali Luke

But we will call Max, "Max" and Michail, "Misha".

Irina said...

"Maximus Stephen
Michail James
Vitali Luke"
it is nice :)