Monday, December 10, 2007

Tomorrow at 8:00 am EST and 3:00 PM local time!

We have our exact appointment time!

It is tomorrow at 0800 EST and 1500 local time.

What will happen is that we will make the five minute walk from our apartment to the SDA for our appointment. Our facilitator and translator will accompany us to the appointment. We will meet with an English translator and the SDA psychologist for 1 hour. The psychologist will have matched us with 4-10 sibling groups (on 39 areas of compatibility)

They may ask us different questions about why we want to adopt from Ukraine and why we want to adopt 3? Why we want to have such a big family?

We will scroll through the files and be told about each group and have time to ask questions and seek clarification. From what we are told this is strictly one hour and then we will have to choose. The magnitude of this decision will be life altering for us, for these children, and for the children we cannot take. The stakes are great and the pressure will be intense.

Please pray for us and all the children we will be discussing tomorrow.




Auntie G said...

I will pray for God's leading in your decision.

Dianne said...

Just want you both to know that we are praying for you with out ceasing. God's will, will be done tomorrow. He has already picked out those children for you. Stay strong.


Michael and Dianne

Kathy & Matt said...

Thanks for the specific time for your appointment. You've been in our prayers, but we'll be sure to be in prayer as you go into the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! We will be thinking of you and your tough decision tomorrow. I have really enjoyed your blog and following you through this journey. I can't wait to meet my new nieces and or nephews!


Marion said...

Thanks Steve for this blog. What a big decision you will be making today. I can't wait to hear about your children. Praying that God will guide your every move and word, that you will have his wisdom as you make this choice, and for your guidance and safety through this whole time.