Saturday, March 01, 2008

Happy March!

Here are a few new photos. I took the pictures of the kids yesterday, Leap day. So, even though the one picture is of our little Ivy, who was not adopted, she is jumping. And jumping is like leaping fits, right? Besides, she makes a really cute little two-year-old pink ballerina, doesn't she?

Speaking of Ivy, I think I should mention that Max seems to especially enjoy her. In the same way that he kept sweetly watching Vitali when they first met in Ukraine, he watches her. She's little and therefore interesting to him. He loves babies and is very sweet to our little Iv', as we call her. He often sees me watching him watch her and smiles shyly when he catches my eye. Then he usually says "Ivy..." and grins. Sometimes if she is being especially cute, he calls her "Ivyska" (adding the"- ska" at the end makes it more like an affectionate nickname). I don't blame him. It's hard not to like Ivy.
Ivy and Vitali are just about exactly the same height. She's heavier, though, as a result of being a family-born baby. They both will have birthdays the end of this month. She will be three and he will be four. He is so skinny and babyish that I often forget that Ivy is really still the "baby" of the house.

Aren't they darling together?
This morning in my bed as he was dozing off again, (he always joins us at about 6:30 or so) Vitali asked several times for Ivy. Actually what he said was, "Mozhoo Ahvy" --I don't know where he got the southern accent--which, I think, meant that he wanted to go to her since he was half-heartedly trying to sit up. They sleep in the same bed and they're buddies. She has adopted about as many Russian words as he has English ones! The most prevalent being, "EE Meenye!" (and to me!)

Misha is always himself. He is that type. What you see is what you get. I like that and I don't like that. Sometimes I want him to pretend to be better behaved! But at the same time, when he makes progress, I know it is real progress and not just for show. So that's a good thing.

Now, I absolutely have to show you this next picture. We bought these shoes when we first arrived in America; before we even got to Tennessee! One day when they were only one month old, we looked at them and this is what we saw. (Max hadn't thought it worthy of mentioning, apparently!) Yes, that is daylight shining through the backs of that shoe!
How? You might ask. Let's just say that he thinks of them less as shoes and more as a set of convenient brakes when riding the big-wheel down the driveway!



Beth said...

Those shoes are hilarious. I can't believe he was able to destroy them that fast. You're going to have to teach that boy new ways to brake or you're going to be spending a lot of money on shoes:)

Leslie said...

All I can say is, this must be a product of Ukrainian genes! After riding with more Ukrainian taxi drivers than I'd like to recall, I know for a fact that very few of them use the brakes. This explains the damage done by our children to their shoes.


Nataliya said...

Max and Vitali are so cute with Ivy, and I love the diminutive name "Ivyska" that Max is calling her.

Misha is so adorable - it's great that he doesn't pretend, you are right - he is what he is!

And the shoes are absolutely hilarious :)

adopting2fromUkraine said...

You probably would have been told about the shoes after they didn't work as brakes anymore!

It looks like Max is enjoying being the big brother. Who couldn't adore such a cute, cuddly little girl? :)

We now have three March birthdays, 5th, 29th and 31st. Though we won't be able to be with the newest one on hers. We are hopeful that God will allow us to have a huge birthday party for all three together by the end of the month;)

Lea said...

Just wanted to say you have a beautiful family and I enjoy reading your blog. Just wait until they start wearing out the knees of their pants. I can't tell you how many pairs my boys have worn out.

Richard said...

Perhaps a (tongue-in-cheek) email to the shoe manufacturer with a copy of the photo is in order. They might just send you some new ones. ;-)

I'd be interested in a photo of the heels of Max's feet.

cara said...

I think all boys are hard on clothes and shoes, My sister's boys wear through their clothes rapidly too. Cara

Tami said...

Awesome pics once again. Love the shoes! :)

Kathy & Matt said...

All your photos are great.

The shoes are hysterical. You've got to save those for some time in the future -- graduation slide show, etc?

Thanks for sharing how your family is bonding. It's great to hear!

christie said...

Love the new pictures. I think we saw shoes like those long ago when there were a bunch of boys running around here.:)

Maia said...

Your kids are so cute! It's great to read about the new things the boys are discovering, including relationships with their sisters. I have four sibs adopted from Russia (they were 1, 5, 7 and 10) and I remember teaching the middle ones about brakes on their bikes. Fun stuff.

Christine said...

LOL - those look my kids shoes! Except they wear out the toes!

Your family is beautiful and such an inspiration!