Friday, March 28, 2008

Two of each...until tomorrow

(Two three-year-olds. No, he's not saying "two"; he's answering the question,
"Who wants a piece of candy?!")

Tomorrow, Vitali will be four years old. This will end the six-day-period we are in now where we have two eight-year-olds, two six-year-olds, and two three-year-olds!

Vitali is very excited to have a birthday tomorrow. He has made plans that have not shaken in the least: He wants to go in Steve's "Labota machina" (Baby-talk Russian for "Work car") to the store. He can hardly wait and has asked daily when they are going together!

He is also so excited to be no longer three but to be "chiteeli" (baby-talk Russian for "four") or often he tells me that he is now three but on his birthday he will be "noga" ( this means a lot); he says this while holding up all his fingers, opening his blue eyes to their maximum capacity and nodding his head for emphasis.

He is such a funny little guy!(Last day as a three-year-old!
Vitali is jumping for joy in Ivy's springy pink shoes)

Happy Birthday, 'Vita-my-Sweeta!'



Lynn said...

That's a cute post, Melissa. When I first saw the picture I wondered if you had noticed the 'pink' shoes!

I got to personally see little Vitali act excited to be four soon. So adorable! He is such a cutie pie!

Kathy & Matt said...

Such a cutie!

Happy 4th birthday!

Tami said...

Happy birthday Vitali! What a cutie! :)

Christine said...

What a handsome little guy! Happy Birthday!

Nataliya said...

Happy 4th Birthday, Vitali!!!

What a special little boy!

BethPie said...

He's a sweetie!!

Hope he had a blast in the "labota machina."

Debbie said...

Happy birthday, Vitali! I love hearing about your family's adventures, Melissa.