Monday, March 31, 2008

On the other hand...

Most people probably imagine life around our house as crazy. Truth is, for a while it was pretty nuts! But like most things in life, eventually routine settles in quite comfortably and a home with 6 kids, only half of whom are fluent in English, is no exception!

Earlier today, while I was making six sandwiches (3 egg salad, 3 tuna), I actually said out loud to the kids, "You guys, I am loving having a house with six kids in it!" And I meant it! Now, that does not mean that I love every minute.

For instance:
  • I did not love it when I had to leave what I was doing several times this morning to fish matchbox cars from under the stove and refrigerator.
  • I did not love rinsing the accident out of Ivy's fluffy princess clothes.
  • I really did not love having to get after the little ones twice to stop talking and go to sleep at nap time. They are so cute and it is so pathetic when they get in trouble!
  • I don't really find third grade language all that interesting.
  • And just once a day it would be nice to use the bathroom without somebody rattling the door handle the whole time!

But, on the other hand:
  • I do love that the boys had so much fun together racing their cars along the hardwood in the kitchen. I also am glad to report that all the dusty magnetic letters are out from under my fridge and stove!
  • I also am glad that I had to clean out the princess dress before it got too dingy since Ivy wears it every day now.
  • I love it that Ivy and Vitali giggle and play together so well.
  • I am so happy for Hannah because after doing seemingly endless pages today, she reached the end of her whole language book on her own initiative!
  • And the bathroom thing...well, I still don't like that all that much! But they won't do it forever. And someday I may wish...
.....ummm...naaah... not for that!



Stange Family said...

Now, I know I only have four and that all speak English (making it not an equal comparison), but I can totally relate to all of those complaints and joys. Sometimes I forget to find the joys...shame on me...

Nataliya said...

Melissa, you are a true inspiration! It's so nice to hear that your family is adjusting so well!

David and Sarah said...

I've so enjoyed reading about your beautiful family! We have one daughter from Ukraine, one bio son, a son and a daughter from China and one more daughter on the way from China. Blessings to you!

Debbie said...

What a great post about life with six kids! Maybe someday God will bless our house with that many...though we would likely have to move to another house to accommodate them. :-)

Leslie said...

What is it about the bathroom??? Its like a kid magnet the minute we go in there. The other day I said, "I'm going to the bathroom. I'm going to need someone to come bang on the door in a minute." It got really quiet and they all kind of stared at me. No one bothered me for my three minutes in the bathroom though!