Sunday, March 16, 2008


The boys are still loving being outdoors. You may have noticed that the bulk of our photos are taken "khoolahd"(outside). From Max in his Batman mask to Vitali and his caterpillar. Spring is in the air! It is great for the boys as well as for me. Not only am I motivated to get my spring cleaning done, but with all the kids outside, no one is messing up my work! Not that the house doesn't somehow manage to maintain a constant "mess-factor"! Especially on rainy days.

Sweet Vitali.

Bahk Mahn! That's how they say it...

Vitali came up to me the other day and pointed out the back door. "Come eat Barbie!", he kept insisting. "Mama! Barbie come eat!"

Finally I figured it out: "come eat" meaning anything having to do with food, and "Barbie"being the English word he could remember coming closest to "Bird". Yup, the bird feeder needed filling. Obvious, isn't it?

See that bucket in the foreground of the picture? If you are from a big family you will probably recognize that as being a tub of peanut butter! Yes, they do sell them that big! Actually, that one now holds birdseed.

Vitali loves filling the feeder and then sweeping off the porch! Can you tell?

And here he is with the first caterpillar of the season.

Our sweet little Ivy has been feeling sick the last couple of days. ( Vitali is happy because he gets to sleep in the big boys' room while I sleep in with Ivy. Other than that, everyone else just takes it in stride. ) Being sick has made Ivy a little bit irritable. When I say little bit, that's what I mean. For the most part you'd never notice her. She is normally quiet but even quieter when she is sick.

All this to say that when she hollered over a "Bug!" (It is spring after all!) on the floor she was not only overreacting, the unusualness of her outburst grabbed the attention of those around her. Now, in a house made up largely of girls, bugs were trapped and carried outside to be set free. (Us girls don't like bug guts much.) But now that our house has a larger male presence, things will undoubtedly be different. Just as I was automatically glancing around for a piece of paper to urge the bug onto, Misha nonchalantly walked up, glanced at the bug and promptly stomped on it! Then he shrugged and walked off, not even thinking to look back. If he had, he would have noticed the horrified expression on his little sister's face!

I am loving the new "us"!


*"zook" is apparently Russian for "bug"


Tami said...

Ah yes, bug guts. Welcome to the boys' world. I imagine before the summer is over they will be bringing live grasshoppers over to you for inspection and chasing frogs all over the yard. Enjoy! :)

Steve Eimers said...

Frogs...funny you should mention that...

Our lesson for today was: "Frogs Should not be viewed as Terrifying"

Misha gets an "F".

christie said...

When our son Marc was 6, he found a baby toad. He got out a shoe box and made a home for it with dirt and rocks and pebbles and grass and sticks..... and then he carried it around ALL day long under his little arm. When it was time to come in for dinner, he opened the box and the poor little guy was, well...... squished.
He started to cry so we had a burial for a 1/2" toad by the front door. :)
He learned a good lesson.

christie said...

GREAT Pictures btw!

DoveFamily said...

William has a Batman mask and sounds exactly the same saying Back Man.

Stange Family said...

Oh...I am so jealous of your "already spring." We still have at least a month before we begin to see signs. We're up so high in the mountains, that spring arrives pretty late some years.

Nataliya said...

"Come eat Barbie" is hilarious! You are so good at understanding what your kids say!

Yup, "zhook" or "жук" is "bug" in Russian :)