Sunday, March 09, 2008

Life is Always Entertaining!

Life is not always fun at our house but it is always funny!

Vitali is always getting himself in some kind of trouble. I like hot sauce, spicy foods, and hot horseradish. I don't know how many times Vitali has absolutely insisted on trying my hot sauce. I tell him in English and Russian he won't like it. I remind him he tried it yesterday but he persists and persists until I let him try it for the 20th time. Every time is the same.

Vitali: Ya Hachoo eta (I want that)
Me: N'coosina (it is not tasty)
Vitali: Ya Hachoo PLEASE (I want it PLEASE)
Me: Eta gariachi sauce, Tee n'hachoo (It is hot sauce, you don't want it!)
Vitali: Please
Me: n'coosina (not tasty)
(Repeat last two lines 5 times)
Me: Skol'ka (How much)
Vitali: NOGA (LOTS!)
Me: OK
Vitali: Spasiba (Thank You!)
(Vitali takes a big bite of whatever with hot sauce)
Me: Coosina? (Tasty?)
Vitali: Da (yes)
(1.23 second delay)

A minute later:
Me: Coosina? (Tasty)
Vitali: Da! (Yes)
Me: Yeeshoo? (more?)

Repeat again the next night.

Vitali is also the one who sat on the URINAL at Home Depot the other day when he needed to use the toilet!

Vitali is often afraid of "Ba-bye" the Ukrainian version of the boogeyman. Tonight at church he was using the bathroom and there was a very dark room off the bathroom. Here is our conversation:

Vitali: Ba-bye tuda? (monster over there?)
Me: Ba-bye v'Ukraina; Ba-bye Ne v'America (monster is in Ukraine, Monster is not in America)
Vitali: Ba-bye n'suda? (monster is not right here?)
Me: Ba-bye ne suda. Suda America. (monster is not here. Right here is America.)
Vitali: (pointing at the dark room) Tuda America? (over there is that America?)
Me: Dah, Tuda America! (Yes, over there is America)

I also could not help but post this picture of Max.

These three are all boy but they do occasionally like to play with the girls' toys.
What is particularly funny is when Max gets grumpy and starts saying Eta Moi! (ITS MINE!)

The good thing, or bad thing, depending on who you talk to, is that the boys are just like me.

Lately they have gotten into saying "Ahhhhhhhhhh, nyet!" or "Ahhhhhhhhhh, da!" when you ask them something. It wasn't until Melissa reminded me that I do this fake pondering "Ahhhhhhhhh..." with them when they make an absurd request, that I figured out where they had gotten it.

All three boys are capable of making a mountain out of a mole hill, so I often say, soothingly, "ITS OOOOOKAY!" The boys now all say "ETA S'OOOOOKAY!" if another is over reacting.

Having a blast and ETA S'OOOOKAY here,



Stange Family said...

Steve, I'm impressed with your Russian! Nice work!

christie said...

ya'll are just too funny. :)
I can relate to the hot sauce. And Max is going to be a great daddy some day. He has that tender side to him.
All boy, all tender. :)

christie said...

ahhh, steve or melissa, can you remove 2 of those. :)

Steve Eimers said...


Kathy & Matt said...

I love reading your posts!

It sounds like the boys are doing so well and your whole family is adjusting beautifully to life as a family of 8.

Steve, I'm impressed with your Russian. When I talk with Leeza, I feel like she's looking at me thinking - "what's wrong with you that you can't speak correctly."

Thankfully, she's picking up English much faster than I've learned Russian.

Keep posting when you can. They are day brighteners!

Debbie said...

Steve and Melissa,

Thanks so much for sharing your lives with us. Your boys are so precious, as are your girls. I'm tickled by their personalities. Reading about how God led and provided on your journey to the boys and how He is helping in their adjustment to your family helps prospective adoptive parents like us. And it points us to the Lord, who wants us to trust Him every step of the way.

From Colorado,

Tami said...

I just had an 'Aaaaha' moment - sorry the pun was too good to pass up! :)
Maddie has been asking 'ba-bye' to us every night when we put her to bed. We've always said, 'nyet' thinking she was just asking if we were going to leave...but now it makes perfect sense! She's afraid of monsters! And it clears up the whole nightmare thing and why she wouldn't sleep on her bed for so long after she had the night terror.
P.S. - Can I borrow you as a translator? :)

Nataliya said...

Oh, how funny! I'm wondering how many more times he'll want to try your hot sauce :)

The Reimer Family said...

Your posts always make me smile. Any advice on the best way to learn Russian?

The Reimer Family said...

Thank you for the "learning Russian" info. Although, maybe I should have waited until we were done schooling for the day before I turned on the Russian radio station. After the giggling stopped, the imitations of the songs began...needless to say no one here knows Russian, so they are making it all up...we have completely lost focus here...haha.