Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A bunch of stuff that I need to write down before I forget it:

Here are a few very random things I want to be sure and write down but I keep forgetting to so I will type them here and that way, you'll all get to read my notes. Lucky you!

A couple of days ago Max got into the car and instructed Annette, "Buckle up!"

He also seems to really like green (favorite color?). He points it out often and loves to wear it.

He loves the cow at Chick-fil-A. I mean LOVES it.

His Spider man baseball cap is another thing he likes a lot. He wears it every day.

His shoes. I have to post a picture of these! He has completely worn out the backs of them doing what I think must be his favorite pass-time: riding the big-wheel down the driveway at break-neck speed!

Another favorite pass- time? Playing CDs.

He spent the past three days carrying around and American flag with him everywhere.

Misha is saying "I love Mama ee Papa" in English more and more. Up until now he mostly only said this in Russian.

He spits when he talks. A lot.

He rolls every 'R' very noticeably. Even in English words.

He drives us crazy by shaking his head while pronouncing, "Ya ni Boodoo." before tasting anything for the first time. I don't know exactly what that means but the gist of it seems to be "I will not be doing that!" Fortunately after he tastes it (and likes it) he is not too proud to admit that it tastes good.

Loves his Papa. Almost to excess, if that is possible. He loves me too, but in a more normal way.

He says a bunch of his words in baby talk. In Russian he says "Zozeezonya!" instead of 'dos vidania'. He says "Kanna" instead of 'Hannah' because of the Russian phonetics; in fact, he uses a 'k' sound to replace every 'h' sound.

At night I say, "What song shall I sing?" He understands this perfectly and always says, "A-B-C-D-E-F-Zhee- Zhee" Meaning the one that goes, "A,B,C, D, E, F, G, Jesus died for you and me..."

He throws very few tantrums now. Only one every several days or so.

He bounces when he walks.

He sings to himself when he's happy.

He likes to go outside but to poke his head back in the door every 5 minutes and say, "Mama?... Allo!...Paka!" then waving, go back out again.

Vitali loves soup. He usually has two or three bowls and generally makes no mess when he eats it. Generally.

All the boys...

...Love to get their hair done and then go and show Papa.

...Like to wake up waaaay too early!

...Yell, "Pre-yekhelleeeee!" (we've arrived) every time we get home from anywhere. Vitali actually says, "Peeyekellee!" to wear footie pajamas

...Love to play outside

..LOVE their Babushkas and Deodushkas (Grandmas and Grandpas)

...Love tal
king on the phone.

...whine. But they
are getting better about this. Thank goodness! hotdogs. It is definitely their favorite food. Oh, yes and potatoes.

...Get excited over things we would think are mundane. Such as getting the mail of going to the grocery store or having hot dogs for dinner or going
ANYWHERE in the car.

...are as excited to ride in the car as an American-born boy might be to get a daily ride in a Bulldozer

...are fascinated to watch me cook. For some reason the saying my dad used to say comes to mind, "If you want to help, don't help!" But I usually just swallow my words and remind myself that they have probably never watched anyone cook before. Misha is especially funny about this. The other day he saw me making cookies. He looked in the bowl and saw the butter. He tasted it. "Ya ni boodoo."

Of course.



Anonymous said...

I am a single mom that adopted two from Russia. Someone posted a link to your blog on our adoption chat group. Whenever I watch your video about bringing your boys home, I cry. God worked many miracles in my adoptions also. God bless you and keep posting. Nancy

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your observations! They took me back to when we first got home, making me laugh out loud. Our son still thinks he won't like new food, but then trys it, and likes it! 'Prehokolee' is a favorite of mine, as is going for a ride in the car as a favorite past time. Keep posting!
Catherine Hendrickson
family #475

DoveFamily said...

Fun stuff! William also rolls his R's, to the point that they really sound like L's. We're having to focus hard on words that start with R. And he still struggles a little with H, too, but interchanges either a K sound, or no sound at all. He often washes his khands (hands), and at dinner time he tells me he's very un-gry (hungry).

Nataliya said...

How cool! You translated "Ya ni boodoo - я не буду" properly - it means "I'm not going to..." Boodoo is the form of the verb "be" (быть - bit') in future sense.

Hotdocs and potatoes are favorite for Rachel as well :)

christie said...

It sounds like a house full of joy over there.

I remember Erika telling our translator, "I can't believe it! My mama cooks!" She still likes to help and doesn't mind dicing onions! YEA.

I can just picture them talking.
Ya'll are doing a wonderful job with them.

Anonymous said...

Loved reading all your observations, Melissa. I agree, you and Steve are doing an amazing job with the boys -- and the girls too! It was fun to finally meet the boys last week -- you have taken such great pictures and described them so well that I felt like I already knew them very well. Can't wait to sit and carry on little conversations with them!

Love --

Aunt Susan