Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday best.

We want to say a big thank you to a friend of Steve's brother and sister-in-law, Jen B.!!! She sent us a package in the mail with three very nice Sunday outfits for the boys. Now, I know it isn't very "macho" but these boys love to get new clothes! Vitali asked to wear his clothes out to play the next morning!

Don't they look handsome?
Jen also sent the girls some play purses and hair clips and play high heels. What fun for all the kids to look forward to: opening gifts after supper! Squeals of delight from the girls and a lot of, "Mama, smotree!" (Mama, look!) from the boys made for an exciting time. Vitali and Ivy each clomped around in the dress-up shoes the rest of the evening!

The boys were so excited to wear the new clothes this morning for church and eagerly got dressed. They had Steve gel their hair and proudly showed me the finished product. So cute!
And here are all six, lined up and looking sharp!

And, aside:

Steve and the two oldest boys went to Sunday school with Annette and I took Vitali and Ivy. For now we are staying in the classrooms with them.
We actually lasted about 20 minutes through the main service today! A little better each time--last week was only about ten minutes!

And, if you are the people who sat in front of us today, we apologize profusely for the constant rustling and occasional pew-kicking or "Eta, Moy!" (it's mine!) exclamations from behind you this morning! We are working on it. Be glad you didn't sit in front of us last week...


Nataliya said...

Absolutely adorable! The handsomest kids ever!

christie said...

They look wonderful!
I'm so glad you are staying with them in Sunday School. Very smart. Otherwise, teacher would be "mama" by the end of 1 hour.

We went to SS for 3 years (3 different adoptions) now we just teach. :)

Christine said...

You have a beautiful family. Reminds me of our original six, until we went on to adopt four more. :)

Stange Family said...

What cute kids!!! :)

Drew Michelle and Luke Paras said...

Stunning! They look so sweet!

cara said...

What a beautiful group of kids!

Mom Falk said...

Ah! We missed seeing our grandchildren on Sunday because we were out of town. How sweet to see the pride the boys have in their new clothes. Reminds me of how proud they were of their first professional haircuts, then their new running shoes.

Don't they look like the best-behaved little gentlemen! And the girls, of course, look like the little ladies they are!

Love you all,
Grandma Falk

Lynn said...

Cute Pictures. The picture of all six really shows how small the boys are.

DoveFamily said...

How cute! I totally understand the clothes thing. Our little guy seems to enjoy getting gifts of clothes more than toys.

Annie said...

The first time I took our newest son, Ilya, to church, I got reports later that he was giving people the finger! So it could be worse!