Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The "Other Kids?"

I have gotten this response several times recently from Melissa and cant help but wonder what it means?

The "other kids" are taking a nap.

The "other kids" had eggs for breakfast.

The "other kids" are headed out to the car.

Anybody who doesn't know me knows I don't act like a child!

For those of you who do know me just shut up!

Melissa say she is referring to "the kids" and has only accidentally inserted the "other."

Anyways, Max is having "a day" today. The struggle just now was over toys at naptime. He was supposed to be going to bed and had several of Hannah's my little ponies. He kept saying in Russian that they were his and did not want to give them to me. It is very hard to keep a straight face with an eight year old boy who is carrying on about his ponies.



Tami said...

Heeheehee! :)

Melissa E. said...

It is more of a contraction.

Meaning, "The other people in the family including you and the kids"

Printed out, it would look like this:
"The other ' kids."

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

ejy said...

Glad to see that things are working out. I know it is a lot of hard work, but it is so worthwhile. I never heard from you so I assumed you didn't come to Donetsk and just recently got out your card. My wife wanted to send you a note, but we only have your alreadyloved.com address not your email. So if you would like, drop by yodis.org and send us an e-mail so we can grab your address and reply. BTW: I'm the guy in the plane with you and your daughter flying to Washington Dulles (at least I think it was WA:Dulles, if my memory serves me correctly). We talked alot about Ukraine since that is where I am serving and where you were planning to go. Look forward to hearing from you.

Richard said...

Makes perfect sense to me, Steve.
Melissa, I thought you were stronger than that.


christie said...

Our big kid had 2 eggs for breakfast. :)

Love the "pretty pony" story. :)