Wednesday, February 20, 2008

playing by the lake

We went down to the lake tonight and took a new family picture. After that, the kids had a good time throwing rocks into the lake for a bit as well as climbing on the rocks around the edge. I hope you will enjoy some pictures of the evening:


Misha and Steve. The boys love their Papa.

Annie Grace
I can't believe she's almost six!

Maximus. The boys have rosy cheeks from playing outside all day long!

The whole clan.

Us. Melissa and Steve. Steve always looks concerned about something in his pictures.
If I remind him not to scowl, his eyebrows shoot up and he just ends up looking extremely surprised. :-) Even so, I like how this picture turned out.


Ivy was sick yesterday. This evening she is better but still extra cuddly.
Nice for a mommy.

This one was almost as big as his head. The angle disguises that fact.
Vitali heaved this missile with all his might!
It landed about a foot and a half away from him.

What did you do today?


Richard said...

I didn't come close to having the day that the Eimers had!

Great family portrait! Beautiful family.

dr. david said...

Your beautiful family inspires me. Our God is soooo good. His mercies are new every day. Today I needed to be reminded of that as we hit some new road blocks in our adoption process. Thank you for the reminders.
Cindie Wolff

Drew Michelle and Luke Paras said...

What great pictures. I really like the one of you and Steve also. The kids are just beautiful and looked like they were enjoying the day. Keep the posts coming...very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I hope Misha's aim was better today if he joined in with throwing rocks with Vitali.
Aunt Mary

BethPie said...

The pictures are stunning!! Your family is just so sweet and the boys look like they are adjusting beautifully. :o)

Tami said...

Can you come to my house and take pictures?!! :>) What great pics of everyone. You're so talented...of course you have beautiful subjects to start with!

christie said...

Beautiful Pictures!
What did we do?

We went on a field trip to the laundry mat. The washing machine went caputz and we had 6 loads to do.
The girls were fascinated with all those washers and had fun putting quarter after quarter into the dryers. Yikes! Cost $14.50 by the time we were done. This weekend, we get to go camping! YEA!

votemom said...

beautiful pictures! utterly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

OK, I have a secret crush on Vitali even though I am old enough to be his granny. LOL Is he as high spirited as he looks in pictures. I remember the picture of him in the orphanage kind of like running out of the room. They are all stunning and it amazes me how much the all look alike. God is so good!

Dawn said...

Love the photos!

You all look fabulous...and yes, even the knitbrowsurprisedeyebrow papa!

(Some of us knitbrowsurprisedeyebrowtypes can't help it. We don't see ourselves as you do.)

Happy weekend to you all!

Christine said...

What a beautiful family! I love the new photos!

Annie said...

What a lovely family you have! I am enjoying your old posts.