Friday, February 15, 2008

Counting blessings

Our friend Ginger brought us a delightful gift the other day! I would have mentioned this earlier but for some reason my pictures wouldn't load correctly and I wanted to make sure and show them too!

She brought us bag after bag of groceries that she had picked out herself. The boys all helped to carry the bags in and exclaimed over the contents of each of their bags as they did so. They were so thrilled! It is really a treat how they get excited about every gift that has been given in their honor--even groceries!
Misha wanted to be sure I got this picture with him in it:
She also brought 6 tubs of Legos, sorted by color. One for each child, their names written on the lids. They all really have enjoyed these Legos, especially Max!

Big, huge thanks to Ginger and her husband Richard--again! We seem to owe them a lot of thanks. We have been so blessed by so many caring and thoughtful friends.

I am making it a point to take mental notes. Although I always thought I enjoyed giving to others, I can see that I have much to learn! Wow.

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Anonymous said...

I've truly enjoyed following your blog. We adopted using Cathy Harris 6 years ago. Up to now I've been a lurker, but I just had to comment on the picture of your son standing next to the fridge. Last summer our daughter gave me a big hug while we were buying groceries and said with a sigh, "Mom, thanks for buying me all this food." At the time we'd been home 5 years and being without food was, and still is, such a worry for her.
Catherine Hendrickson