Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Menthol Breath

Phew! I just was downstairs with the boys sitting at the computer when Ivy came downstairs crying saying, "Maaama! Your baffroom has water on the fwooooor! She was wet on her socks and the back of her pants and where she was standing on the stairs was damp.

"Ivy, did you wet your pants!??" I asked her.

"Nooo!", wailing: "Your yewwow baffroom has water on the fwooor!"

I went up, sure she hadn't quite made it. There was my bathroom with water on the floor all right-- about a half an inch! Also, the drawers were full about three inches and the toothbrushes were floating around in there.

Misha doesn't always shut the water off and this time he forgot to unplug the sink as well. Hannah ran and got me the dirty towels from my bathroom and another one that was clean but big out of the closet. Then she got Ivy taken care of. Poor Ivy must have walked in and slipped, hence the wet back and socks! I took care of the rest.

I wasn't away from the bathroom five minutes. Just long enough to start a quick email and throw the sopping stuff into the washer. This time it was Vitali who came down crying. He was holding his tongue and very upset. I smelled something else...Yup, that's it: Icy Hot. The poor little guy had gotten into the stuff from the drawers that was lying in the tub drying out and had decided to taste the Icy Hot. Clawing at his tongue and crying, he asked for water! I took him out and wiped him off with a dry washcloth and then gave him a little milk to sooth his mouth. Fortunately, he didn't get much!

On a good note, the heating guy was here today and fixed our heater that had been icing up while we were gone. Thanks to our neighbors for keeping an eye on things and letting us know! And, thanks to our friend Richard Shamblin who recommended this guy, Robert. He got the job done!

Steve went back to work today, teasingly moaning about 'poor' him who had to go to work! HaHa.

But really, it's okay. An hour and a half till nap time and I have a candy bar with my name on it in the glove compartment of our car. And it hasn't been that bad AND I don't have to clean any windows in the cold! (Though I probably should!) And now, I don't have to wash the bathroom floor either. Not only that, but with Vitali sitting here so nicely on my lap, my sinuses are quite clear. I wonder how long he will smell like Icy Hot?! I guess it could have been worse!


Rebecca said...

Wow. What a DAY!

More importantly-what a GREAT attitude about it all! You're amazing!

Ps. SO glad that Icy Hot stuff isn't poisenous or anything!

Christine said...

What a day. :) I know that candy bar will make it all better. :) I wish I had one right now!

christie said...


I remember those days with 4 little boys. One was nicknamed Noah as a flood seemed to follow him from the bathroom. :)

One day when Erika was first home, I noticed all lights on, fridge open, dishwasher running, and she was checking out the washer and dryer.
All really new, and really COOL!

Tami said...

Am I allowed to laugh?! :) Can I please?
Icy Hot. Wow. Poor guy.
Hope the chocolate helps. ;)

Stange Family said...

I couldn't stop laughing! :)

Auntie G said...

Sounds like you are doing pretty good. Enjoy the candy bar!

Missy said...

Poor little thing! I guess he will think twice before he tastes anything else that Mama hasn't given him to eat.

Ruslan and Inna said...

That is funny! Glad your attitude is so positive.

MamaPoRuski said...

Laughed so hard it cleaned my sinuses too! Thanks for sharing!

David Engdahl said...

Kinda sounds like working at summer camp. Slightly organized chaos with daily crisis's to be handled. Funny how that was the most enjoyable work I ever did, and that I'm trying to get back to it.

It must feel a little like Eimers Summer Camp there now.

How is their English coming along?

Kathy & Matt said...

Never a dull moment in a household with 6 children. It's great you have such a positive attitude.

Hope Vitali is ok!

Mom Falk said...

Vitali surely is inquisitive. I wonder if this will curb that a bit!

It's just a good thing that Ivy went upstairs when she did!

The name of that heating and air conditioning business is DAYSPRING, and we'd like to add our thanks to them for helping you so much and for their gracious gift to you. I think we know who we'll call for our heating a/c needs. God bless you, Dayspring.

Ukraine angels said...

Wow! so much going on! May the Lord bless you with lots and lots of patience! Your family sounds like they are adjusting wonderfully. I will keep you all in my prayers.