Friday, January 25, 2008


Every guy could use a little bragging on...Mine really deserves it today! He volunteered to take all six kids to McDonalds to the playground so I could have some time to myself! Some friends who saw us on the news and stopped by to say hello gave us some gift cards to Mikky D's so that will be quite a treat to the girls and to Max. (Misha still needs to learn to like American bad-for-you food!)

Anyway, I just took a nice long hot shower, soaked in the tub, slathered myself with new body lotion, removed the remains of toenail-polish long ago applied and repainted. Now, I'm no foot model and I did a bit of a sloppy job but doesn't that look good?! I even put it on my fingernails which I rarely do because, while socks and shoes hide the fact that I am not very good about refreshing the polish, I don't often wear gloves to hide chipping fingernail polish!

Next, my big plans are to turn on a music CD really loud and speed-clean the house. I do it this way, for each song, I clean (and dance) each room. One room for each song. When the song changes, so does the room. It helps me keep my mind on my task and not be distracted all over the house! Don't laugh! It works for me! If I am alone, I can put more energy into the process so I expect to work up a sweat here pretty soon! Great! I can clean my house AND get fit all at the same time!!!! I would be more fit if I did this more often but if I did it more often, it wouldn't be as fun, would it?!

Alright, off to work but first, here are some pictures of the kids and stuff:

Steve and Little Vitali, who loves his "Papa!"

Vitali and Ivy together at lunch. The big 4 are out with dad.

Misha proudly shows off his piece of Americana.

Max covers his ears while Steve is using the saw in the garage.
The bigger girls, Hannah and Annette, have a dresser that needed work. Steve fixed it with the "help" of his boys today. Mom and I hung that shelf above it.

Ta daaa!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you got some time to yourself!


Lynn said...

Oh! I was almost the first commenter until I reached for the mouse to comment and in the process spilled my full cup of hot chocolate all over my desk! What a mess! it took about 10 minutes to clean it up and now I am not the first commenter...oh well.

I enjoyed your post, Melissa. I did the same thing when I finally had some time to myself after Lincoln was born. A nice hot shower, shaved my legs, and clipped my toe nails. I felt like a new person! Your toes look nice, but too bad you don't have perfect feet like me ;)

How nice of Steve to take all six kids to McDonald's to give you a break. I guess having french fries thrown up all over him didn't scare him too bad.

Have fun cleaning your house. Steve should install a hidden camera!

James & Lisa, Patrick, Christian, Carson & Baby Sister said...

Hi Steve & Melissa. I just saw your welcome home to Knoxville - how wonderful. I am also from Knoxville and my husband and I are adopting from Ukraine. We are currently living in Spain and anticipate our travel in May. Congrats again to your wonderful family!

Melissa E. said...

ooo...Lynn, how mean! heehee! I recal that you do have pretty nice feet, though.

And about the hidden camera, i'll have to keep my eyes open while I'm dusting. Wouldn't want my dancing-cleaning ending up on the blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Misha ate some of my Arby's french fries while all of you were here in D.C. Hopefully he'll continue to not like all that junk food. I can't wait to see them again.

Aunt Mary

Auntie G said...

The pictures are priceless. Glad things are going well and Mom got a little break.

Kevin and Krista said...

Sounds wonderful! Glad you were able to enjoy your time. :)


Drew Michelle and Luke Paras said...

Love the toes and the cleaning idea. I think it takes me so long to clean because I get so side tracked!

The children look happy. How are they settling in? How is the language going?

Kathy & Matt said...

Kudos to Steve for seeing that a break would be nice for you. And good for you for taking time to do a little pampering, instead of just using that time to work around the house. I love your approach to cleaning. Maybe I'll try that when we get back from Ukraine.
It's also wonderful to see all the photos of the children. They look so happy and already seem to be bonding. Thank you for continuing to share this journey.

Mom Falk said...

It was kind and brave of Steve to take all six of the children. Thank goodness for the McDonald's playground! It’s amazing, isn’t it, what you can accomplish when you have the house to yourself? What a luxury!

Anonymous said...

Your toes are sooo cute! absolutely beautiful, and the color looks great with your lovely skin! perfect toes ;)