Monday, January 21, 2008

At rest, for now.

How sweet is this?!

It's sweeter than you think. Little Vitali has resisted bedtime and cuddling right from the start. Allowing us to hold him close only when he was afraid or nervous(which, thankfully, was fairly often). Today, he has asked me several times to rock him, he snuggled up to me for his nap and when I went up to go to bed just now, this is what I saw. Our little boy snuggled up with his new daddy, sound asleep. He looks so tiny, doesn't he? Well, he is! But, oh man, can that boy fill a room!

I thought this was worth digging out the tripod to take the picture in the dark!



Anonymous said...

Melissa and Steve and family, I have been so touched by your amazing story. Steve your sister stopped by the Union office the day she was headed out of Dulles to meet up with you to bring the boys home. She briefly mentioned your website and what was happening with your family. I have been drawn to your blog every day to see how the boys are doing. My son Riley, is 2 1/2 years old....I love every second with him!!! He keeps me on my toes!:) My sister has always said (she has two boys and three girls) that boys will keep you going with all the new discoveries they make. I have to agree!
I have been praying for the boys, my heart has ached for Vitali, maybe because he is so close to my son's age and I can't wrap my head around all that he has had to experience at such a young age.
Before the boys chose you I believe that God chose you for them. What a gift!!
I hope you continue to have your blog, I am encouraged every day I tune in.
All my best,
Tracy and Riley

Nataliya said...

Melissa, I'm having goosebumps and crying happy tears here at Internet cafe in Odessa. I'm so happy for you guys! All the pictures are so precious, I love them all! I hope your kids' transition into their new life will be as smooth as possible (for boys and girls), and both you and Steve will find the strength to go through this transition as well!

Irina said...

Yes, I join many, I shed tears pleasures :). You have made the big business, I was glad to witness these events. Happiness to your children, patiences to you! I shall tell your history to the friends, and they will not trust :). You unusual people :). Some weeks will be heavy.... You should squeeze out from boys spirit of a shelter, a drop behind a drop. I continue to pray for you!

Auntie G said...

Beautiful picture!!!

Aunt Beth said...

I can't wait to meet these boys and hug them.

christie said...

What a sweet picture. :)

Drew Michelle and Luke Paras said...

Being a mom to boys is a whole new ballgame! I have only one boy and a friend with 2 girls...she always comments how loud it is at my house when other boys are over!

How have your daughters adapted to having boys in the house?

Thank you for being so honest about adoption and the progress of your family. As a PAP I gleam all the info I can from others who have adopted from Urkaine.