Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Open Letter To The President of The United States of America

I am the father of six young children. My oldest son Max was born in Eastern Ukraine in 1999. He was subjected to some of the vilest abuse one can imagine. At the age of four Max suffered a catastrophic head injury at the hand of the person who should have been protecting him. My son at the age of FOUR through no fault of his own found himself with a fractured skull lying in a snow bank!

Thankfully my son survived. Max moved to an orphanage. For four years Max lingered in that orphanage before he and his two younger brothers became a part of our family. Given Max’s significant medical history, citizens from places like Canada, Great Britain, France, and Spain probably would not have been able to adopt him.

Mr. Obama, the reason my son would not have been able to be adopted by parents from those countries is because of "health care reform" that the governments of those countries passed. In those countries children like my son are weeded out by bureaucrats so that only the pure and healthiest children are adopted. That is sick!

President Obama, you are suggesting similar type reforms. That scares me! I want to know if your plans for health care would have denied my son a family? Are there provisions within your health care plan that would prevent a child like my son Max from being adopted? Would your plan DAMN my son to a life in an orphanage without a family? Would your health care plan have left my son lying in that awful snow bank in Eastern Ukraine ?

Mr. Obama, the lost children of this world deserve to know whether they have a friend or a foe in the President of the United States . My son deserves to know whether his president’s health care plan would have allowed a bureaucrat in Washington DC to sentence him to almost certain demise. Mr. President, I love my son and he deserved a family whether he was deemed perfect by a bureaucrat or not!


Stephen Eimers


Barb said...

I wholeheartedly support your letter. However, I have to tell you that our President is no defender of the defenseless. This given his record on abortion. I pray God convicts him and that health care resolution would not pass. But it just might, we have to be ready for it and much worse.

Mike and Christie said...

I was reading a couple of weeks ago that USCIS was already "screening". I do know people who are adopting special needs children, but that window seems to be closing. It is very sad. Our girls also, would have been deemed "defective" and it chills me to the bone to think where they would be today; mental institutions, rocking back and forth in beds".

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog while reading other blogs. I want to say "THANK YOU!" for writing this letter to the president. If more people would write the President, Congressman, or Senators then maybe we would have a voice in this Health Care Reform NIGHTMARE! I have done my job in writing my share of letters too.

I hope you do not mind me following your blog. If you happen to get a reply will you please post it?

Sheila (my Blogger ID is not working so I have to use anonymous)