Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In the spirit of Father's Day

One of those things dads often do with their boys is beat them up. Now, I mean this in the nicest way, really! LOL! But dads and their sons have wrestled in living rooms threatening the safety of mother's decoratives for eons and I suppose there is not much chance that this type of playing will disappear anytime soon. In our house, I am guessing that it will continue until one of the boys gets big enough to win (I could be wrong).

So, this is the activity the boys chose the other night before bed. (I forgot to say that this is another thing dads don't mind doing; getting the kids riled up before bed. Most moms would never do this.) I sat safely in my chair and took pictures without the flash. I like the blurriness of these photos. Gives a sense of the movement. I did try for one picture of all my boys at the end of the playtime but it was hard to get much with them all keyed up like they were!

Max and Misha made some initial attacks and were subdued temporarily but Vitali kept coming back for more. He loves this sort of thing.

I mean, he really loves it!

But Max wasn't gone for long. He tried a sneak attack. Unsuccessfully, I might add.
Then, a little practice wrestling which involved some foot-tickling. Very effective against Misha. Smart move, Max.

And lastly, I got this picture. Four quite sweaty, breathlessly content boys.

And, they didn't even break anything.



Heidi and Felix said...

We call it "Papa Sandwich" and it's a big hit at our house, too. Yesterday I learned that wrestling can be used as a sensory therapy for our one with sensory integration disorder! So keep on wrestling!

Richard said...

"... until one of the boys gets big enough to win ..."

Gotta guess that carefully. ... and I'd modify to say "almost big enough"

At least that was how I judged when to quit arm wrestling with my son. I retired on a 'draw.'

Mike and Christie said...


I switched from collective ceramic bears to stuffed ones, for this very reason!

Drew, Michelle, Luke and Sage said...

As a girl, I don't get the whole wrestling thing but my guys love it too!

They all look so happy!

Chellie said...

I especially love the last pic- very cute!