Monday, December 22, 2008

Lost in translation--again! With a Christmas/Jungle theme

It is the first Christmas for the boys in America! We decorated the tree several weeks ago and all the children were so excited! The boys watched as the girls picked out several ornaments from Christmases before gleefully chatting about their memories and I noticed thoughts passing in the eyes of the older boys. I wonder what they were thinking--or maybe they were just processing the information. Next year they will have memories on our tree too.

We have an advent box that has a little door for every day of December until Christmas. What fun each night when they all line up and the child whose turn it is swings open the tiny door! Last night, they found a strip of paper which led them around the house a bit. The end of the search was a red gift bag with some markers and construction paper in it. My mom had sent over all the markers for them.

They spent all last evening drawing and creating and woke up only to pick up where they had left off! Misha asked me how to spell "gorilla", so I told him. After the "a", he wanted to put a period. "It's not a sentence", I corrected him. So he thought about it and added some words. Now, according to him, the sentence reads, " The gorilla ate the sandwich". But it doesn't, because word order does matter in English! Ha ha! And, yes, that should say "sandwich" but when he asked how to spell "Shannwich" I just couldn't resist....



Debbie said...

I love the language stuff! And your boys will have their own memories of Christmas now--so special.

Because we don't have children, we have never really decorated for Christmas...sometimes some lights on the bannister and some Christmas towels in the kitchen. I look forward to bringing our kids home and having Christmas with them.

Did I tell you we're going for three? Yes--God has led us to three, and we're praying He'll work it all out!

Mike and Christie said...

What a beautiful tree. We have an advent calendar where the star gets moved into a new pocket every day.
They love it.

Speaking of language:

Erika just asked, "mommy, are we going to get a rabbit bunny for Christmas?"
I asked, "A Rabbit Bunny?"

She said, yea, you know, those chocolate ones?

We got those for Easter dear. :) LOL

Rabbit bunny??

Christine said...

Merry Christmas!