Friday, November 21, 2008

How we do it: Part 3

Here's an easy one:
(I know, smarty-pants--there are two yellow ones.
But one of them has a flaw so we can still tell the difference.)

Drinking glasses.

When we had only two girls in the house, I decided that my friend Heather's mom had the right idea. If you are just using your cup for water, you shouldn't need a new one every time you fill up.

So, we get our cups in the morning, letting the old ones go into the sink, and then continue to use the same cups all day. The kids know to choose cups of different colors so as to keep things obvious.

Think about it, with six kids at three or four cups each (low estimate) of water per day...well, you can do the dish-washing math yourself. :-)


Tony and Dawn said...

Just "passing through" and saw the similarities between our families. We had three children and then realized we had three more children on the other side of the world in Russia. Now we have six kids ages 5-18 and we too home school.

The challenge of keeping up with cups/glasses is one we can relate too. God Bless -

Stange Family said...

we do that too!

Christine said...

Great idea. I also like your idea of posting little helpful hints on each post instead of one long post.

Mike and Christie said...

We do the same thing too. When our boys were home, we color coded everything. Laundry baskets, cups, etc. so I could look in the sink and see who didn't put their cup in the dishwasher, or look at the laundry basket and see who didn't get their clothes out of the dryer. :)

Leslie said...

Well, I for one say you ARE organized! We do the same thing with cups in our house. Everyone has a different colored cup they use throughout the day. At the end of the day you put your cup ni the sink to be washed. If you forget to put it in, you wash it yourself in the morning. It worls for us and keep us from accululating unneeded clutter in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

I love your hints. I check your blog everyday to see what the boys thought of their first Thanksgiving. Love to hear about it. I'm sure you have lots of time to blog between laundry, homeschooling, cleaning, Christmas preparation, cooking, wiping noses, drying tears, reading books and all the other things you do.