Monday, November 03, 2008

school time

Some of the kids at the kitchen table working on schoolwork this morning.
Max (he wears the patch for lazy eye), Misha in the back, Ivy near the wall and Annette's shoulder and knee.

School started out rough for the boys, especially Max, but now they are doing well. Max and Misha are both in first grade books. I am trying to push Max through as fast as possible but he really started from scratch. He couldn't add or subtract at all. He didn't understand much of anything. He seems to have it now and things are really moving along for him and for that I am grateful! He is picking up reading pretty well but has trouble with the changing vowel sounds of English. Once he gets that down he'll just take off, I think.

Misha does pretty well at his work too. His handwriting is especially nice. He knows it and is proud to work at it, tongue sticking out with the effort. :-) His reading is choppier but he seems to have the vowels down and may overtake Max soon if Max doesn't pick them up fast enough!
(Max has the problem of having learned to read in Russian/ Ukrainian and is un-learning that at the same time as learning English letters.)

It is funny that they don't call their Math book "Math" they call it the "Giraffe book" because of the giraffe on the cover and their language book is the "Skunk book" for the same reason. They both groan when it is time to start school but they both usually ask to do more pages at the end of the day. They really enjoy sitting down to a task.

Vitali was so proud because I got out a "real" school book for him today and taught him to carefully trace the letters on the special lines. He was beaming! Ivy is working on learning to write her name and Vitali was so proud to be doing something she wasn't doing yet. He is really starting to "catch up" to being a four-year-old as far as his maturity goes! (that said, "maturity" still sounds like a funny word to use to describe Vitali!)

Sorry for the long hiatus in postings! I will try to do better!
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salix said...

I was touched to read your posts, I really do add to your praying gang my humble prayers for your family to grow ever healthier and more loving and in every way wealthier for your initiative is so very brave (I believe it is more of a tough mission than a cool amusement) and so very elevated that my heart gets enlightened.
Thought I´m only a 23-year old girl I do plan (or intend) to have a big family, adopted children included.
Anyway I hope your beautiful kids will have a fine school season and that you will learn a lot from them (oh, you surely will!).
Great waves of wonderful vibrations

Amy said...

All the kiddos look so studious! How do you keep them focused?


Stange Family said...

how do you manage all the different levels at once while still accomplishing things every day? I struggle with that and I only have two levels going at one time.

Oksana said...

Hi! :) I found your blog through somebody's blogroll, and I'm praising God for your wonderful family! Your love for them is definitely a testament to His adoption of us into His family. Thanks for sharing your story!

As you can probably tell by my name, I'm Ukrainian too (came to Canada with my parents when I was 5). It's so interesting to relive some of my experiences as an immigrant through this blog. Great stuff!

Debbie said...

Melissa, I would love to hear more about how you manage the household and teach the children. We are praying about adopting more children with Elaine, and though I work full-time, I work remotely from home. If you want to e-mail me, feel free! :-)

hoffhouse at hotmail dot com