Monday, September 29, 2008

QUEEN is Awesome!

Well this is one post I never thought I would write. QUEEN, the UK rockband performed at Freedom Square in Kharkov this last week and raised over 800,000 gr which is nearly $200,000 US dollars. The money was donated to the Green Forest Orphanage. This is the home where we adopted our boys. This is a massive amount of money for this orphanage.

Here is Queen live in Kharkov singing "We are the Champions!"

God works in mysterious ways!

A major thanks to QUEEN!


Mike and Christie said...

You are kidding!!!! That is awesome. I heard they were going to be there. We saw a poster. God truly does work in mysterious ways! :)

Mike and Christie said...

I was just going to add that Green Forest Orphanage is the main orphanage for aids babies too. There is a separate building for them. I wonder if this is the connection as to why Queen raised monies for them?

Drew Michelle and Luke Paras said...

How amazing is that!!!

Amy said...

Pretty cool huh!?

A good friend of mine and her husband are just leaving Ukraine tomorrow with their new daughter. Her hubby and the translator went and saw the concert and said it was truly awesome!

Take care!